Latest Events - National Theatre Wales Community 2017-04-26T13:04:02Z CAITLIN - ten venue tour in Wales,2017-02-23:3152760:Event:263783 2017-02-23T12:41:30.990Z Laura H Drane <p>Caitlin was the wife of poet Dylan Thomas. At the start of the 1970s, twenty years after he died, she started going to Alcoholics Anonymous.</p> <p>In a circle of chairs, set out for an AA meeting Caitlin makes a determined effort to deal with her tempestuous past. The audience sits in the circle with Caitlin as she re- visits her life with Dylan. It is a relationship fuelled by love, addiction, jealousy and infidelity. As Caitlin and Dylan drink, fight, love and leave each other the…</p><br/><br/>Time:<a href="">March 27, 2017</a> to <a href="">May 4, 2017</a><br/>Location:Harlech, Cardiff, Swansea, Brecon, Caernarfon, Aberystwyth, Laugharne, Llanelli, Llandrindod Wells, Barry<br/> Website or Map:<a href=""></a><br/> <a href="" class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-download">Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics)</a><br/><br/> Jason and the Argonauts,2017-03-06:3152760:Event:263983 2017-03-06T19:30:52.615Z Stella Patrick <p>Blockbuster theatre for the whole family!</p> <p>Adapted by Mark Williams</p> <p>Directed by Julia Davies</p> <p>Jason is an ordinary human in a world bursting with gods, monsters and superheroes. Assembling a team of mighty Argonauts, he takes the fabulous ship Argo on the ultimate adventure – the quest for the Golden Fleece.</p> <p> </p> <p>But it won’t be easy. Along the way, he’ll meet crazy Kings, horrific Harpies, sinister Sirens… and the skeleton army of the Earthborn Dead. Does Jason…</p><br/><br/>Time:<a href="">April 7, 2017</a> at 6pm to <a href="">April 26, 2017</a> at 9pm<br/>Location:Across Wales<br/> Website or Map:<a href="">http://www.jasonandtheargonau…</a><br/> <a href="" class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-download">Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics)</a><br/><br/> Romeo and Juliet Tour OMIDAZE PRODUCTIONS,2017-04-11:3152760:Event:264893 2017-04-11T09:56:46.119Z Yvonne Murphy <p><b>TOUR DATES 2017</b></p> <p>Mold <b><a href="" target="_blank">Theatr Clwyd</a></b> 5 - 8 April 10.15am / 2.15pm / 7.30pm</p> <p>Llanelli <b><a href="" target="_blank">The Ffwrnes</a></b> 12 April 2pm / 7.30pm<br></br> Brecon <b><a href="" target="_blank">Theatr Brycheiniog</a></b> 23 April 2pm / 7.30pm<br></br> Cardiff…</p><br/><br/>Time:<a href="">April 11, 2017</a> at 2pm to <a href="">May 14, 2017</a> at 7pm<br/>Location:Wales Wide Tour<br/> Website or Map:<a href=""></a><br/> <a href="" class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-download">Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics)</a><br/><br/> The Wales Stage Management Network,2017-04-25:3152760:Event:265191 2017-04-25T18:58:55.008Z Jacqueline George <p><span>We're generally a chatty bunch but don't often get the chance to get together without shows. productions etc. being the focus of our attention. Well, this is just for us, and just about us. We're hoping it's a chance to talk, identify training gaps, current challenges we face in today's industry etc. Anything specific you may want to include then let us know, and we can hopefully make it what you'd like it to be. </span><span>This event is for professional Stage Managers.</span></p><br/><br/>Time:<a href="">April 28, 2017</a> from 2pm to 6pm<br/>Location:The Japan Room, Wales Millenium Centre<br/> Website or Map:<a href="">…</a><br/> <a href="" class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-download">Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics)</a><br/><br/> The Green House / Profundis,2017-04-19:3152760:Event:265245 2017-04-19T15:06:21.701Z Lowri Johnston <p>A double bill of evocative new dance. In Roy Assaf’s Profundis, thoughtful movement is accompanied by whimsical wordplay and an exotic soundtrack. Caroline Finn takes us on a nostalgic journey in her new work, The Green House. On this twisted TV set, characters discover the very fine line between fantasy and reality.<br></br><br></br><em>Dau ddarn o ddawns newydd cofiadwy. Yn Profundis gan Roy Assaf, cyfeilir symudiadau meddylgar gan eiriau llafar mympwyol a thrac sain egsotig.</em><br></br><em>Fe aiff…</em></p><br/><br/>Time:<a href="">April 28, 2017</a> at 7:30pm to <a href="">April 29, 2017</a> at 9pm<br/>Location:Sherman Theatre, Cardiff<br/> Street:Senghenydd Road<br/> City/Town:Cardiff<br/> Website or Map:<a href="">…</a><br/> Phone:029 2064 6900<br/> <a href="" class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-download">Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics)</a><br/><br/> twenty16,2017-04-11:3152760:Event:265019 2017-04-11T11:49:50.404Z Theatr Iolo <p><b><u>Theatr Iolo and The Welfare Present</u></b></p> <p><em><b>twenty16</b></em></p> <p><b>By Tracy Harris, Paul Jenkins, Aleksandra Jones &amp; the company</b></p> <p>2016. The year that gave us Brexit, Trump, Harambe memes, earth-shattering changes to the shape of Toblerone and the deaths of countless celebrities including Bowie and Prince.</p> <p> </p> <p>twenty16 takes an honest look at this year from a teenager’s point of view. It’s an original, raw and direct piece of theatre that…</p><br/><br/>Time:<a href="">April 30, 2017</a> from 4:30pm to 5:30pm<br/>Location:Chapter Arts Centre<br/> Street:Market Road<br/> City/Town:Cardiff<br/> Website or Map:<a href=""></a><br/> Phone:02920304400<br/> <a href="" class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-download">Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics)</a><br/><br/> Cardiff Fringe Cafe- A Different Brain, Spilt Milk Theatre,2017-04-24:3152760:Event:265314 2017-04-24T10:13:12.433Z Spilt Milk Theatre <p><span>Join Spilt Milk Theatre in the performance of A work in progress musical based around Autism. ‘A Different Brain’ follows Rachel, a young woman with Autism through her everyday routines and her family life.</span></p> <p><span>The evening will also feature live music, poetry and spoken word pieces inspired by people's relationships with autism.</span></p> <p><span>All proceeds will go to ‘National Autistic Society’. </span></p> <p><br></br> <span>Tobias Weatherburn (Musical director,…</span></p><br/><br/>Time:<a href="">May 3, 2017</a> from 7:30pm to 10pm<br/>Location:The Gate<br/> Street:Keppoch Street<br/> City/Town:Cardiff<br/> Website or Map:<a href=",-3.1706667,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x486e1cc04f5d2131:0xa47e3f05e803e83f!8m2!3d51.4914275!4d-3.168478?hl=en">…</a><br/> Phone:02920 483344<br/> <a href="" class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-download">Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics)</a><br/><br/> Spring@Dance House: The Request Show,2017-04-20:3152760:Event:265073 2017-04-20T15:22:24.925Z Lowri Johnston <p><strong>The Request Show (Cuba/Germany)<br></br> Performed by Maura Morales</strong> <br></br> <strong>Music composed by Michio Woirgardt</strong></p> <p>In his 1971 piece “Wunschkonzert“, playwright Franz Xaver Kroetz describes a woman who has lost her speech in the loneliness and monotony of everyday existence. Cuban dancer and choreographer Maura Morales juxtaposes the despair of real life with a dream world full of imagery and creates a different life beyond the restrictions of everyday…</p><br/><br/>Time:<a href="">May 6, 2017</a> at 7:30pm to <a href="">May 7, 2017</a> at 4pm<br/>Location:Dance House, Cardiff<br/> Street:Dance House, Wales Millennium Centre, Pierhead Street<br/> City/Town:Cardiff, CF10 4PH<br/> Website or Map:<a href="">…</a><br/> <a href="" class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-download">Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics)</a><br/><br/> Castell02 Stamp Draw Me Gwna Lun Ohonof Tedna Ve,2017-04-24:3152760:Event:265184 2017-04-24T18:36:57.540Z Jonathan Polkest <div class="dmsField-d1 dmsFieldParam-b"><p>STAMP:Castell02 - Art in the Castle. A weekend art exhibition with performances, sculptures and a multi-media works responding to the unique location and history of Caernarfon Castle.</p> <p> Jonathan Polkest's portraiture installation will be among the castell02 exhibits and events inside Caernarfon Castell grounds inviting participation as portraitist or as one who is featured in a portrait with the aid of a camera obscura. Sit and be drawn or draw…</p> </div><br/><br/>Time:<a href="">May 12, 2017</a> at 6pm to <a href="">May 14, 2017</a> at 7pm<br/>Location:Caernarfon Castle<br/> Street:Castell Caernarfon<br/> City/Town:Caernarfon<br/> Website or Map:<a href=""></a><br/> <a href="" class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-download">Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics)</a><br/><br/> Casgliad 2017 - Building the Future for Youth Arts In Wales,2017-04-13:3152760:Event:265113 2017-04-13T10:28:14.027Z Rosie Strang <p><span class="_4n-j _3cht fsl">Are you passionate about the youth arts sector in Wales?<br></br> <br></br> You are invited to explore and help build the future for youth arts in Wales with the Youth Arts Network Cymru (YANC) at Casgliad 2017, an inspirational day of networking, guest speakers, workshops, and discussion.<br></br> <br></br> Highlights include creative leader Marc Jaffrey OBE speaking on change, creativity, and education; open space discussion; arts and activism workshops; and adventure and…</span></p><br/><br/>Time:<a href="">May 13, 2017</a> from 10am to 5:30pm<br/>Location:Llandrindod Wells<br/> <a href="" class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-download">Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics)</a><br/><br/>