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Day 3 - Road Trip

Sian’s chanting worked, the heavens opened and the boat trip was cancelled.

The visit to the island will have to wait but in the meantime here are a few images of the interior we found on the web.

So onwards to Barmouth via Fishguard through horizontal sheets of rain. We stopped for lunch at Melin Tregwynt and met with Mill owners Eifion and Amanda - the Welsh woolen wunder duo who have reinvented the traditional Welsh blanket, making their beautiful new designs (blankets,… Continue

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Day 1 pics (properly uploaded this time!)

Just realised that they hadn't uploaded properly so here's the images from Day 1 of our road trip once again ( I am finally getting to grips with the technology...yay!)…


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Seven People - The Video Diaries (Part Three)

Need to get something off your chest? Go ahead. Nobody's listening...

Stacey video

featuring Stacey Daly.

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more pics


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Day 2 pics

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Road Trip - Day 2

Day 2

Met up with Graham Fry at his sea front hotel The Royal Lion, a sturdy statuesque figure who greets us on the doorstep with a tray of home made scones slathered with proper Welsh salty butter.

Graham has owned St Catherines Fort for the last 40 years.

He immediately reports an incident from the night before, bizarrely enough two people were arrested for trespassing on his island, the first time in forty years that the police actually charged someone. We… Continue

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A room with a seagull view

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Seven People - The Video Diaries (Part One)

Need to get something off your chest? Go ahead. Nobody's listening...

Julie video diary

featuring Julie Barclay.

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Road Trip - Day 1

1st port of call, Porthcawl

On driving into Porthcawl Sian and I immediately fell into nostalgia as we both as kids spent many a summer’s holiday there. Our very red Vauxhall was transformed into a green half-timbered Morris minor packed with five screaming children, a drooling dog, Sian’s mam and dad, beach paraphernalia (including essential stripey wind breaker as Rest Bay was always windy) and a pressure cooker full of steaming stew!

No beach visit yesterday but to the… Continue

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And They're Off... Marc Rees and Sian Thomas start their Road Trip!

Off they go in their little red hired car...

Marc Rees is a fantastic visual artist who produces exciting site-specific projects, curating the work of international and Welsh artists. This week, he is on a 5-day road trip around Welsh coastal towns with his producer, Sian Thomas. Sian is the designated driver. Marc was the designated sandwich buyer.

They are on a Creative Visit for NTW, exploring different places… Continue

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National Theatre Wales seeks Communications Director

We're advertising this week for a Communications Director to join the NTW team. If you're a visionary marketing strategist and want to communicate our message and our work within Wales and beyond then do apply. Advert hereby. For more info email - deadline is July 3rd.…


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Get Organised! (And Change Everything)

Do you remember the image of Jesse Jackson during Obama's acceptance speech last year? Tears of pride involuntarily rushing to the face of this now-elder-statesman of the Civil Rights era, as a man he had sometimes disagreed with achieved the dream that Jackson had dared voice - a black man in the White House. Most people, whatever their politics, must have had at least one 'Jesse Jackson moment' during the Obama campaign last year; a moment when tears welled up as the significance of it all… Continue

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Can artists humanise the global environmental challenge?

Yes they can!

Since 2003, groups of artists, writers, & scientists

have been sailing to the Arctic to experience

the effects of climate change first hand. No doubt the

coolest - in every sense of the word - artistic responses

to the climate challenge today, these expeditions,

intend to 'stimulate the production of art founded in scientific research' and move the cultural, social, and economic problem of climate change beyond scientific… Continue

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Dream in the woods

Taking Flight Theatre fast approaches its' rehearsal period for A Midsummer Night's Dream to be performed, first off, at its' "spiritual home" at The Stackpole Estate near Pembroke in West Wales.

As well as running residential drama workshops with physically disabled participants, Taking Flight also creat integrated, accessible performances in rural spaces. The National Trust have supported us, amazingly, and are again providing us with accommodation and, more importantly, access to… Continue

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'Lili' at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl

New theatre group Teflonstage is premiering 'Lili' at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl on 19th and 20th June at £7.30pm. Tickets £9.50 (concessionary tickets £7.50) Box Office 01656 815995. Director: Jamie Lee of actorsworkshop, Cardiff. Ass't Director: Gary Knowles. Music Dir: Michael Plowman. Choreography: Margaret Lawrence-Waters.

'Lili' relates the story of 'Lili Marlene', a worldwide hit in spite of vigorous opposition from Joseph Goebbels and some from the BBC's Dance Music Policy… Continue

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Myself and a few friends at the Sherman are about the embark on a mission to Italy, our aim to bring together Oedipus and Antigone, and create a headache! :o)

This small grain of an idea was created by Phil Mackenzie, and since this little explosion in his head full on many ideas, we have booked our tickets to Italy and are getting ready to perform in a beautiful castle in Bologna. Although we only have 3 weeks till we leave and have not actually started rehearsals yet I have full… Continue

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People are more likely to watch a play if they know somebody in it!

How do you market a new theatre company on a small budget? How do you raise awareness and increase attendance at the opening performance? These are challenges a new theatre company in Australia faced. An independent theatre company called: Spirithouse Theatre Company!

When faced with these challenges they discovered one core insight: People are more likely to watch a play if they know somebody in it!

The concept is really insightful and fresh! It is not about… Continue

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New picture in Log

Here is the LINK to Log, my image diary from my mobile phone.

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