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The Last Joe Bach

We had our last encounter on the streets of Ystradgynlais yesterday. It was great; one participant said: 'until, today, Ystradgynlais, was a name on a map pretty much, I'll never forget it now'. Felt a bit humble after that. Shwmae, Joe Bach!

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Joe Bach at the National Waterfront Museum

There were tears in my eyes we reached the end of Joe Bach in the Museum yesterday; and I'm not ashamed to say it.It has been a pleasure and a privilege being able to delve albeit briefly into this amazing man's life. many thanks to Foundation and the Arts Council for allowing us to do it. Great - I can't wait fro…


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Wanted - Experienced Actor for one-off event in Swansea in October

Lighthouse Theatre are looking for an actor (playing age 45-65) to play a grizzled old reporter and a variety of other characters in a promenade performance of a new piece about the Marina in Swansea. Ideally Swansea-based, the commitment would be for three days from October 14th-16th and is pro rata ITC Equity rates. Auditions to be held in Swansea late September. If you are interested please send your CV and photograph to Thanks for your time. Adrian.

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Return Journey

It certainly wasn't 'a cold white day on High Street' today, but the 'try-out' of Return Journey worked very well - I hope that the attendees were as pleased with the show as we…


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Joe Bach

We have had four days in Ystradgynlais working on the Josef Herman project with the foundation. It has been a great week with some fantastic students. Even the locals in the street have said 'Shwmai Joe Bach' to me...

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So, after one of the most amazing experiences of my professional life, a cancelled flight, a night in Bariloche and a 36 hour return journey, we have returned to Mumbles. The sounds of the Wrasaw Concerto ringing out from the Castle were surreal indeed...Diolch yn fawr iawn i'r Wladfa. Taith Arbennig.

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Workers' Day

Today in Argentina it is Workers' Day. Rather like Labour Day in the States, it is a day when no-one works. Hasta La Vittoria Siempre...We were working last night however; on a Shakespeare Workshop with the Suburban Players - the BA Amateur Dramatics English Language group. Some exceptionally talented actors working in there second langauge; including a man who's girlfreind is in the University of Glamorgan in Ponty...

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The Belles of Santiago

Monday morning and the sun is shining on Buenos Aires. We left Chile yesterday after an amazing five days. Santiago is a booming and growing city and we were treated to a fabulous visit by the British Commonwealth Society. We gave a Shakespeare workshop at The Grange School which was fanatsically creative, and met the Drama teacher there - Annette Owen from Glanamman..The highlights were going to the fire stations of the 14th and 1st districts of Santiago to see the bells that had been…


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Shakepeare in Montevideo

The Shakespeare workshop was a great success - 'I know a bank' in a Uruguayan accent really is magical...

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We have sold out in Montevideo and things have gone better than expected. It appears that slapstick fun is appreciated all over the world! Even better though-the schools' workshops.…


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She Stoops under the Equator.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us at The Grand, The Melville and Aber Arts Centre. It's great to hear people laughing so much. Not often you get to say - a sell-out tour!

Off to South America - terrifying but exciting at the same time...

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She Stoops...

If the audience laugh half as much as we did on day one of rehearsals, then I think we'll be ok...

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Taliesin, Teller of Tales

The new Celtic story-telling show now has a name...does what it says on the tin. Can't wait to start.

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The Wigs

Just tried on the wigs for She Stoops to Conquer - wonderful. I was born in the wrong era...

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