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Freelancing is a very devil-like thing

Ive lost two jobs today! Freelancers everywhere hear my pain.

If you're a director, or new company looking for new emerging designers, or just coffee and a good chat about the pains of what we do, get in touch.  This year is starting weirdly already, and I'd love for it to feel slightly better. 

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Seeking new conversations & adventures


I'm looking for new directors/and new adventures. I'm a scenic artist and theatre designer, and you can see some of my work here:

Let's talk about theatre. Maybe with coffee....and cake.

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Shudders is tomorrow!

If you don't have anything to do for tomorrow night, come along to Blackwood Miners Institute to see two brilliant short plays! The dress and tech run was today, and it looks incredible.

Do something a little different for Halloween this year! Go on, surprise yourself.

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SHUDDERS2013 - Day 1

So today was the first rehearsal for Shudders' Halloween performance this year at Blackwood Miners Institute taking place on 31st October.

Both plays prove to be exceptionally astonishing, and the cast are an incredible group of people to begin working with.

A day full of laughs, scares (that made me jump three feet) and a lot of creative goings on! Book seats now, your Halloween might never be as scary otherwise......

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Rehabilitation of offenders

Does anyone know any theatre groups currently working within Cardiff prisons, or at least nearby.
Dissertation topic on the above, and am desperately seeking some hands on experience within the field.

If anyone could give me any contacts/emails that would be great!

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after some advice if you could!
I'm looking for groups involved with prisons and drama therapy, preferably in the Cardiff area. Maybe a chance to do some dissertation research or case studies?

Does anyone have any ideas as to who I can contact?

If anyone can help, please message me!

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Post-traumatic stress disorder - an anxiety disorder caused by very stressful, frightening or distressing events.

They say pictures can paint a thousand words, yet the pictures we were presented in the theatre foyer at Chapter Arts Centre didn't speak words, they spoke pain, anguish, fear and resentment.

Abandoned Brothers is not particularly a piece of theatre, the cast are not professional actors, nor can it really be commended as a performance, but I do not mean to… Continue

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Thought-provoking, political and moving.

Fragments of Ash is a piece that is certainly not for the light hearted. A tale of a mother, surrounded by a loss that hundreds of women, men and families alike suffer everyday.

At a time when we as a country are losing soldiers every single day, the Notional Theatre have tackled a play that can be described as 100% anti war, and they deliver it with grace, respect and great, great pain.

Whilst aspects of the physical theatre… Continue

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Last night I went to see the above.

It began with the audience being let into a room, thrust into an unruly world as actors moved around and danced and the music blared. Quickly, audience members realised seating was very, very limited and we all became a little but unnerved.

It was ultimately the sole feeling of othe play. We were constantly disrupting the performance aas the scenes took place around the cleverly designed set of scaffolding and decking. The design… Continue

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Pornography Tour - Newtown

Arrived back from the tour of Waking Exploits' interpretation of Simon Stephens' Pornography this morning.
It was a good show, with an amazingly speedy get-in/out thanks to the amazing crew The Hafren provided us with,

It's the last show on Saturday at The Borough in Abergavenny, so if you haven't seen it yet it's your absolute last chance!

So on that note I return to the script that I have to finish for tomorrow.....

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RWCMD meeting

So I went into the RWCMD today to meet the head of design, which was thoroughly inspiring!
The workshops just look like the ideal place to work and I just know it's where I want to study!

So all in all, a good day.
Just need the experience now....

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The past few weeks

have been incredibly crazy! I've been so wrapped up with Waking Exploits I have no idea what I'm going to do with my time when it's all over.


They've been adapting 'Pornography' by Simon Stephens, with their director Mathilde Lopez who is a bit like a walking genius.  Its been a thoroughly enjoyable experience shadowing the designer, Alyson Cummins and I will be gutted when it's all over!


Opening night is tonight, cannot wait to find out how well it's gone.

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