Hi all,

just to let you know age is just a number.  After listening to Louise Hay's meditations, I decided to do something I love rather then just do something that pays the bills.  So I auditioned for BTEC Drama in Lllanelli.  I rung up two days in advance of the audition to make sure it was just a singing one, but NO it involved having to perform a monologe!!!!  Blooming nora thinks I what can I do, so I decided to learn the first two paragraphs of The Great Dictators Final Speech!!  Working as a care worker that ment I had to learn it in 2 HOURS!!!

The day of the audition comes, I didn't feel that nervous, but must have been as when the lovely teacher asked me to sing my jazzed up style of Amazing Grace, it wasn't that much cop!!!  So she asked me to sing to the empty chair and sing it as if saying Goodbye to someone for the last time.  I was transported back to when a dear friend passed away and sung it to him with all my heart.  I turned to the lady who was wiping a tear from her eye and said that was amazing!!!

Next was the turn for the Speech, well again, saying to her I was rubbish, but then she asked me to imagine I was on stage in front of all the people I was going to say the speech to, well this voice from God came out of nowhere, full of compassion and meaning, I felt like a great dictator asking the people to try and live in peace and in another way.

The lady asked me if I was serious about this course and would I be able to sit with a bunch of 17 year olds for a year.  I informed her I had been a teaching assistant and a Matron and it would be a doddle.  I was duly asked to start in September and have my letter to confirm I am on the course.

In the time being I have joined some extra agencies and am awaiting bookings :)

Live your dream and don't wait until you are 45 for you to realise that is what you should have been doing all along.

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