Tonight we are letting everyone know the ideas behind our first year of activity at National Theatre Wales. We have an office party, a bunch of volunteers - our 'TEAM' members - helping us out, a beautiful 'newspaper' developed by our designers Elfen, and of course this online community to help spread the word behind our plans.

We'll be opening our first show in March next year, and for the whole of the year after we will be creating new theatre across Wales - with three main strands of work - CREATE, DEBATE, RESPOND.

CREATE: Starting in March 2010 we will open one new show a month, every month for a year. Each show will be in a different location in Wales and will be a different kind of theatre. It will be like a year-long theatre map of Wales, where we explore all the possibilities for the future. We'll decide exactly which shows we are going to do, and where, in the next few months - so if you have ideas or opinions then this network is a great place to put forward your thoughts.

DEBATE: We've already started a good discussion on this site about how theatre can be a place where lively debate takes place. We are exploring different ways that this can happen, and as part of our opening year we will be staging theatrical debates across Wales - not just about theatre but about all aspects of life.

RESPOND: We want to respond to our audiences, and be quick on our feet. The RESPOND strand of our work will mean that we create new pieces of theatre very quickly, maybe in just a few days, in response to what's going on in the world. How should we do this - should we have a team of writers and actors ready to go at any moment- a kind of theatre SAS. Or should we work with non-actors to create theatre from daily life? What are your ideas - we've got a few months to decide so let us know.

We're all really excited about these plans and we're already talking to some of the most amazing artists imaginable to create work with us. But nothing will be decided for sure until the end of the summer, so now's a great time to share your own thoughts. Where are you? What kind of theatre could happen there? What kind of audience could you help to bring to the work?

In November there will be the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of the choices of shows. And another party!!

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Comment by Jenna Omeltschenko on May 31, 2009 at 22:51
Storm begins tomorrow - hopefully a great way to allow artists freedom without pressure of performance or of a creating an 'end result'. I really hope we can carry it on!
Comment by Michael Kelligan on May 28, 2009 at 17:08
The Lyric hammersmith's Storm certainly sounds a very dynamic and interesting idea. But surely all theatre must be spontaneous, risky and exciting. If it's not then it's not worth doing.
Comment by National Theatre Wales on May 23, 2009 at 17:55
Thanks Jenna. Looking forward to seeing you at Storm next week. (Storm is an interesting initiative at Lyric Hammersmith intorducing diverse performers to diverse styles of performance - particulalry physical and spoken word stuff)
Comment by Jenna Omeltschenko on May 23, 2009 at 11:25
Wow John this all sounds amazing. I love the idea of spontaneous theatre that responds. It all feels risky and exciting.

Jen x

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