LOVED TWICE...9...10........Lia Lee Katris (

No Sun......eye me not

There is no gold, no silver, nothing to hold....
This is me...
To whom I might have be.

You and me ? Is it worth ?
How is it going to be?
Your skin is brown

(Sun falls up on the ground).

Sun :

Mother  Earth!! Mother Earth !!! Mother !!
Why me..... !!?
Oh Mother!!! Mother Earth !!
Is it Love that kind of pain?
Mother please ! Take care, I ' m in pain.
Kill my pain. Kill the pain.
Give me Wisdom.

Feel that pain mother ...Give me Wisdom

Mother Earth-
Do not talk !
Shut up !!
You.. spoiled !!
You never listen !!
Pain ...pain to remain..
Feel and feel to still
Wisdom to wisdom and wisdom...
There is no such a thing !
There is only one rule.
Never , never fall in love.
Sight your loss !!!
Is it good for me to see You?
What is a fine tribe?
Where were you??
Where and where and where ....
Do not bother me again.

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