Tin Shed Theatre Co. have recently been awarded Arts Council Wales funding to support a five week period of practical exploration, developing our ongoing project, Moby Dick On The Transporter Bridge, in Pillgwenlly, Newport.

Basing ourselves in The Pill Millennium Centre, and working both indoors and outdoors on the platform of the bridge, we’re looking at how we make this work. With dynamism, energy, ingenuity, connectivity, shared ideas and years of experience behind us we will be exploring the potential of linking a small professional cast of performers with a larger community cast, whilst utilising the spaces, stories, feelings and experiences of the communities closest to the bridge.

This work is about tackling the gritty and awesome text that is Moby Dick, whilst looking at the act of communal-storytelling with people who may have a limited experience of professional theatre.

Ultimately we want to creating a performance through which we can speak about our city, share our stories, and make a statement of action and participation whilst standing boldly together on the platform of the bridge.

At the moment the wider project aims to forge links between heritage and community through the shared experience of theatre, whilst the work it’s self will explore the impact Newport’s industrial history has had on it's contemporary communities.

We will also be working on the bridge, and finding links between it's history and the story of Moby Dick. Both tell of working-class men sent out to work with brut strength in hazardous forms of manual labour, staving away an every encroaching world of new-technical-solutions that would soon make them obsolete.

Through doing this we want to question the value of heritage, looking at the bridges history whilst exploring it's future.


These roles exist exclusively within framework of ‘research and development’, and are for exploring the methodology and form of the work, rather than the performance piece it’s self.

Although this is a performative role that aims to explore the text, and the physicality of the piece, we are most interested in how a cast of professionals and non-professionals might make work together; where does the trade off of skills exists, and how are weight and space within the work shared? 

Facilitated by Tin Shed Theatre Co, and other key community and arts professionals, we want to explore the idea of having an entire cast of local people, supported and understudied by professionals.


- Male.

- Aged between 21-70.

- Of any race, ethnicity and/or nationality.

- Experience of working as an ensemble.

- Experience of devising theatre.

- Experience of working with classical and adapted text.

- Some physical theatre/movement/dance experience and ability.

- You must be willing to work with and along side a larger cast that may or may not have professional training.


- Experience of performing outdoors would be really helpful, but is not essential.

- Preferably based in Wales, with a lean towards people in Newport.

- Experience in community engaged art making.

- Experience of attending/running workshops.


Pill's community is both economically and culturally diverse, with people from 80+ nationalities within it's lines. We want to reflect this through our casting, and ensure we make our public opportunities as accessible as possible. Because of this we're especially interested in receiving applications from both native and non-native Welsh/British men, with a strong interest in working with people from a BME background.

This is a casting call for anyone who wants to make a genuine (albeit temporary) commitment to work of this nature, and we seek to only receive applications from people interested in the work/idea.

This is an R&D process, and as such the nature of the work, it's engagements and it's demands, are all fluid and likely to change day by day. As a company, we like to work with people who are comfortable with this.




Note: The official contract for work is for 3 weeks (Mon-Fri) at a cost of £500 per week.


Deadline for applications: 30st March

Audition Date: 5th April

Employment Period: 16th April- 4th May

Note: We realise timing on this one might be tight, and so we're willing to make certain exceptions on dates and time present. 


To apply please fill in our online application form





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