It's 10.55 at the NTW office and people are gathering for the presentation of the set design for A Good Night Out in the Valleys. On Friday, Alan delivered a second draft of the script, which I read over the weekend. I'm genuinely very pleased with how it's looking. The first draft already did a great job of catching the spirit of the stories we were told when we did all of our workshops and chats in the Valleys in the autumn. It's full of surreal Valleys energy - with a great sense of language and comedy. The new version cleans up the story and digs a little deeper into some of the memories and darker elements hiding beneath the often hilarious day to day encounters. Sometimes a second draft of a play can be the most difficult - in fixing issues, some of the spirit can get lost, but this second draft is a fantastic step forward. I'm really looking forward to getting it on its feet. We finished casting last week (close to the wire, but with the draft one deadline of the script not being till early Jan, it was hard to finalise decisions any sooner). I won't do a cast announcement now though, but will ask the cast to introduce themselves online next week when we start rehearsals. Meanwhile the set is looking wonderful - I saw an early model last week. It catches the spirit of the institutes in a surprising and rather beautiful way. Sadly though, right now Angela (the designer) is stuck behind an accident on the motorway, so we are all waiting for the model to arrive, and I'm stealing a moment to write this blog!

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