My Expereince as Community Cast on Project Hush

I had intended to write this post a few weeks ago but as it does life gets very busy. I wanted to write a blog post about my experience as part of Project Hush in Rhydymwyn which I had the pleasure of taking part in the short performance that took place for the research and development grant, as part of the community cast. I don't want to talk much about the project it's self as you can guess due to the title everything is hush hush as to it's content, however, I will say I hope this project moves forward because the story they told in the short time was brilliant I cannot wait to see what more comes from it.

I became interested in the project when Sophie McKeand who was in charge of the community cast came into the university to talk about the project and ask for our interest. The unknown history of a local area and the stories that could be told in that area and location really intrigued me so I went out of my way to make sure I attended the workshop, even putting a small acting role in a student film I was looking forward to playing, while I may have burnt some bridges I feel I got a lot more experience out of this and the wounds seemed to have healed.

The workshop where I and a few others from the University met Bridget and Yasuro both great directors who were wonderful to work with. The workshop gave us a glimpse at the script and was all about building an atmosphere as a community cast as that was our major role within the piece. We were also asked to interpret the script, something I am sure Briget and Yasuro must have found useful to hear and outside perspective on something they were working on, a refreshing outside look which would help them see if what they saw in the piece was obvious to anyone else. A note I took for myself when working on my own work is talking to other creative people or other people and asking them to look at a slice of your work and ask them for an interpretation so you can see if your work reads to others as you think it does. After the workshop, I was excited to get started. Ashley a course-mate was kind enough to offer me and Alice also another course-mate a lift to any of the sessions he could attend and I would have been unlike for me to take part without his help. However, on the one case he didn't, I managed to guilt trip family into giving me a lift.

The first session we explored the location and were given a walkthrough of the script. I was gobsmacked by the space, it was as if the very walls themselves had contained an echo of history inside the building that was vibrating via time to the moments we were inside the performance was enhanced by this location and without while a very good script I have littler belief that it would have been anyway near as provocative.

The next few rehearsals were about learning our role as part of the community cast, however, I was given a slightly more technical role something that I found challenging if not a little stressful. I won't go into my role because I would have to explain the plot it's self and I don't want to do that in case anything that was in this perfomance is carried over to the bigger project. In brief it was a learning prosess I did have to wresle some of the equipment and things were changing until the moment before the last perfomance but I feel I did a good job, I made mistakes but I feel I recovered from the akward hassels of the the tech.

I want to say thanks to everyone who was a part of it the small comunity cast who all gelled really well, Sophie for keeping us sort of in line, Brigdet and Yasuro for working with us and putting on such a great peice the main cast who were kind and freindly, the co-write who had I lenghly discussion with afterwards about the script and the rest of crew be it tech or costume. It was a worthwhile and learned experience that I wouldn't have missed. I hope that they go on t get bigger funding for a further project because I belive it is a very important and emotive peice.

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