Well, the social network is semi-live now, with a few friends and family having passed through the gates of Mighty Native HQ (also known as Carl and Tom, our online designers) to become invited members of the network, trying it out before it goes public on Thursday evening. Hello to all of you and thanks for joining up. As founding members you can do all sorts of marvelous creative stuff here, including starting a forum (and Hello but why has no-one replied to my very interesting forum question about 'theatre and debate' while just about everyone has something to say about Catherine's blog and Mathilde's drawing - I could take all this very personally!) You can also begin your very own blog. It would be great to see a whole bunch of people staring to write about their creative (and less creative) moments on this site. As we start developing and producing work over the next year, it would be extraordinary to have a range of different blog stories appearing: sometimes intersecting, sometimes diverging and contradicting each other. A real 21st Century live theatre archive!

Already on the site you will see some of the artists who we are exploring ideas with starting to leave a record of their explorations. We want this to be an open, interactive company, so do comment and add your own thoughts and ideas. Who knows what might happen!

Tonight I went to see a lovely show by Theatr Iolo for three year olds (Lucy our producer brought her three year old with her, so I didn't have to pretend). It was a captivating, sensitive and thoughtful piece of theatre - with the lovely title 'Finding Leaves for Soup' - which is what it was all about. So for those of you who think I'm all about hard hitting urban theatre, forget it. It's leaves and trees and strange ukelele type instruments for me from now on!

Don't forget it's our 'Housewarming Party' on thursday. All online community members are invited - RSVP to party@nationaltheatrewales.org The fun runs from 6 to 9 at Castle Arcade Cardiff. A chance to hear what we've been up to so far, learn about our plans for next year, and sneak a peek at our new office space in the arcade.

Looking forward to meeting and greeting you in the flesh and here online over the coming weeks. John

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Comment by Jenna Omeltschenko on May 23, 2009 at 11:29
O yes I have heard about 'Finding Leaves for Soup'. I think it is coming to the Polka near to me so I will be checking it out. I have found a new interest in work for 3 year olds too recently too...
Comment by Hannah Rudman on May 21, 2009 at 8:36
I'm not quite seeing you as a leaves and trees man, but you can prove me wrong! Have a superb party tonight - how much of that will be documented to become a 21st C live theatre archive?!

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