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At 10:19 on June 28, 2016, Simon Coates said…


British Council South Africa have launched an open call for applications for artists/digital creatives to be a part of the CONNECT/ ZA programme.

More info here::

DEADLINE: 18 Jul 16

At 16:26 on December 19, 2015, Jan Miller said…

Hey John! So, so sad I couldn't make it to your celebration tonight - still can't travel that far yet but I'm working on that! I hope you have a fabulous night. I'm sitting here in a very rainy North Wales wishing we could just get beamed-up to the Castle Arcade. Failing that not being possible in the next few hours, we wanted to say that, without you and Devinda and the ethos of NTW behind us, Film Team wouldn't still be going strong. We've got masses of exciting opportunities to take us to the next level next year, and, crucially, we're linked to the incredible Tate Circuit programme at Mostyn now. It's all good! And it's all thanks to you all giving us so many opportunities - and masses of fun along the way. Thank you from the bottom of our Film Team hearts John - see you in Manchester - it's much closer! Have a blast - love ever, Jan, Adam, Euan, Addie, Ameila & Holly xxxxxx

At 12:07 on March 14, 2014, Sam Harding said…
Hey John. I remember chatting to you about NTW casting not long ago, and following up from that I've seen the breakdown Sarah Leigh put out yesterday. Again its a case of ticking boxes, army training, Cardiff base, musical/dance ability, etc. Really hope I get a chance to audition for ou guys this time!

All the best.
At 11:40 on March 5, 2014, Phil Croskin said…

Got a lot out of the workshop last Sunday, John.

I hope you did too!

Many thanks.

Phil Croskin

At 11:38 on February 27, 2014, Nerea Martinez de Lecea said…

Hi John, Here's the link to yesterdays BBC show I was on. If you scroll to about 130mins, you'll find the BHC feature (and eventually, me) X

At 13:19 on January 15, 2014, Ailsa Richardson said…

I didn't say where I am based - in Mountain Ash, between Pontypridd and Aberdare.

At 13:17 on January 15, 2014, Ailsa Richardson said…

Have been meaning to make contact since NTW began and a conversation with Carl Lavery has pushed me into action - he said 'I must talk to you'. I do find the approaches you have been finding in NTW inspiring and imaginative so its about time I got in touch! I grew up in West Wales and have been active making work as director and performer in the South West and Wales since 1996. For various reasons in the last 6 years I have been more engaged with teaching and research. I think it is time now to make work, be a practitioner again, I have a number of ideas which are perhaps 'at the edges of theatre' that I would like to develop, and am wondering how I might weave something into the NTW net(work). Could we have a chat sometime as I am not sure how my experience and skills best fit into the different channels of development you have at NTW? You can see some information on my profile page and my website is Best, Ailsa 

At 7:41 on July 28, 2013, Leslie Herman Jones said…

Would like to know more about In Water I'm Weightless NTW20. Can you direct me to this please?


At 20:25 on February 3, 2013, Jan Miller said…

Hi John - didn't get a chance to say hello or even goodbye yesterday... we'd had a punishing journey down on the rugby train and were under pressure to shove back on to get home again - 2 carriages! can you believe it???   we survived standing for 2 hours and got seats around Ludlow... despite that, Film Team had an amazing time - thanks again to you all for a fantastic party! 

At 12:43 on December 12, 2012, Ray Thomas said…

Hello John,

Really interested in getting more involved with NTW, despite my age! Any advice about Group/s to join please? Acting and Directing work to date mainly with schools, Colleges, and some Adult groups, but keen to do more and to network! Have offered to work on a voluntary basis at NTW if appropriate and required.

At 10:35 on September 8, 2012, Wendy Hubbard said…

Many thanks John


At 18:07 on August 14, 2012, Kelly Jones said…
Hey John
Hope you are well. Have noticed people commenting about the BBC writers award, I havent received anything in the post- when should I hear by?
Kelly x
At 22:36 on February 5, 2012, Carys Eleri said…

Can't wait for spring. Spring glamour plans looking so good. Hugs :)xx

At 11:54 on January 6, 2012, Louise Breckon - Richards said…

Thank you John.  I'm so pleased to have discovered this community, as living in London has often made me feel so remote from  welsh roots and connections.  It's great to see such lively creativity being used which I hope I can contribute to, both as an Actress and writer .  Here's to a good year ahead for all

At 10:26 on August 2, 2011, Christine Anita Kinsey said…

Good letter about Freedom Theatre John, thanks!

I thought people might be interested in this poem I've drafted for Jacob....Apologies if this isn't the right place to post it.

F.X .

A poem for Jacob Gough 31st July 2011.


Midnight chimes. Moist air carries the clangs

and the rattle-roar of the dark train that mends

the track between here and your old home, Aber.


No stranger to small hours, you work on

after rehearsals to make effects, cue sound

and light and programme visions.


At The Barmouth Assembly we asked,

What’s left after the summer tides?

And stormed the ice cream parlour


with music, words and war games

from Play Station conscripts. Barmouth’s band

of back bedroom snipers fire at screens of empty towns.


Now, manager of Freedom Theatre in Jenin,

your Call of Duty at 3.30 a.m. is to witness

the humiliation of your technician,


to squat in broken glass and become hostage

with young children whilst arrests are made.

Real IDF commandos with real guns,


pledged to uphold the impossible

‘Purity of Arms’ code to, “maintain

humanity even in combat.”


Earlier, on a level patch of Welsh hillside,

I reeled through a martial form: slow, elegant,

designed only to deflect unarmed attack.


The energy ball I held was an imagined globe

one hand on Wales, the other on Palestine.

Special ops were the hand-over of sky-




screaming swifts to soft fluttering bats.

Whilst turning the tides of Tai Chi

I focused on your impeccable sense


of timing, sharp ability to read cues

and hope this keeps you safe as gun

muzzles bore and silence.


At 9:53 on July 8, 2011, Kit Lambert said…
Hi John,
Great to see you yesterday. I just tried to send a private message re. poetry stuff, but for some reason it won't send. I have sent you an email instead - I hope that is ok. Please let me know if you don't receive it.
All the best,
At 10:01 on February 28, 2011, Sarah Jones said…

Hi John,


Peri and I are in Cardiff on Wed morning if you have any time for a cup of tea and a chat? No worries if not. Let us know if your over this way or we'll try you again next time we are in the big smoke, Sarah

At 10:20 on February 9, 2011, Sarah Jones said…

Hi John,


How you doing? Am back from my travels with the Strangers project and was hoping maybe we could meet sometime soon? Am actually in Cardiff tomorrow but am thinking that is too short notice... I could come in to Cardiff on the 2nd of March or if you are over this way doing anything for Passion then let us know or if you fancy a visit to one of our youth theatre sessions Peri could always hold the fort while we chat. Anyway let me know what you think. Hope all is great with you all at NTW, Sarah

At 20:42 on January 12, 2011, Miranda Ballin said…

Hi John 


just wanted to say thanks so much for the work yesterday - we love having you with us and it as a great way to start the year. I was impressed with the groups reflections on the play it really spoke of its power. I went online to check out Soul Exchange and I am even more gutted not to be coming as i know Kully from years ago when I did a show with Red Ladder - just heard her talking with Tom Payne but couldn't see/find her in the members list. I  know how busy you are but please send her my love if she remembers me. Feel free to pass on my contact details as I would love to get in touch with her - though I know she will be very busy at this time. I was so excited when i heard that you had worked with her at Contact. Still there is always Rome... Thanks again John and of course to Hannah Miranda x

At 17:36 on December 20, 2010, Sarah Jones said…

Hi John, hope everything is continuing to go well with NTW. Really excited for the upcoming Port Talbot show as that is a key area on our doorstep that we really should do more in and I live in the local authority so be exciting to bring an audience. We have lots going on with MUTM in the next few years and finally a semblance of core funding for the next 3 years so a little more time to breathe rather than write funding applications and hope to deliver the projects afterwards. Really excited about your plans for emerging artists and as a theatre that creates work with and for young audiences and who recruits lots of emerging talent I think it might be good to talk more about this. We have a couple of exciting projects you might like to know more about and we would like to pick your brains on.Am away working on Strangers after Christmas untill early Jan but would love to come say hi in Feb if you have anytime? Hope you are going to get a decent break over Christmas, you must be shattered but thanks for helping to make Wales a really exciting place to make theatre, Sarah Jones Artistic Director MUTM

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