I had never really had a passion for theatre growing up and took quite a science based educational route but after seeing the astounding performance of 'The Village Social' and attending weekly drama groups I am considering trying to become an actor.

The problem I have is where to begin, I believe I have some talent but I don't think I'm anywhere near the standard required to become a professional actor.

I was wondering if any actors/people in the theatre buisness could advise me on a possible route to do this or maybe share how they made it as an actor.

Thank you


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Hi Rhys found you! 


pleased you will be meeting up with a member of our team this week to get started - but I agree it would be good for you to have feed back from the other professional etc out there! also join the new youth arts group here as i have a feeling this will help Miranda x

Hey Rhys, I reckon you've already made a good start in becoming an actor. Experience really is the key thing, as it is through experience and then training that I think we learn the most! Many actors go to drama school or attend a university or college course, but this choice needs to be right for you and the kind of work you want to make. Right now, I would start by experimenting and trying to get involved in as many things as possible, with as many different people as possible, working in as many diverse ways as you possibly can. This way, and with the experience you will get at drama group, you will start to know what kind of performer you want to be and what kind of work you want to make. This will then help you decide the next steps. 


Joining this community is great, there are always postings on here for opportunities for young actors. There are also posts on here advertising (sometimes free!) workshops and training opportunities that you can take advantage of. 


And most important of all, if an opportunity comes up - like it did for you to perform with National Theatre Wales in The Village Social - then say YES! and take that oppotunity with both hands and really commit to it and do your best. 

I'm a director, not an actor, but when I started out, I said yes to every opportunity that came my way. This meant that quite quickly, I built up the lines on my directing work experience CV and most importantly, got to know what my passion was for and what I wanted to do. 


Believe in yourself, ask for help when you need it, and take every opportunity you can. 


Good luck! x


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