Last week we came across this report from the Arts Council Wales on Arts and Young people in Wales, and we were wondering, what the community thought about:
  1. What can we do to reach and attract younger audiences?
  2. What is it about theatre or how we market it that does/doesn't attract youth audiences?
Aderoju Akindeinde, Eva Ling, Wei Liu, and Myself are exploring these questions as part of a student marketing project with NTW and we'd love your thoughts.

Kelly, Ade, Eva and Wei.

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Over the next few weeks we are going to talk to 15-25's in and around Cardiff, Swansea, Mid-wales and North Wales to find out their thoughts on theatre in Wales ... if you've got any thoughts or questions on what we should be asking them ... we'd love to hear them :-)

We are off to Prestatyn today to see TJ and Charlie in NTW's production, 'The Beach'... should be fun ... :-))


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