"Blavatsky's Tower", written by Moira Buffini and presented by 3 Crate Productions at Chapter Arts Centre was a very engaging and entertaining piece of theatre. Despite what may have been potentially daunting subject matter, social isolation, there was a good dose of humour, engaging characters which were very well played and a good pace which kept my interest throughout. I admit I was pleasantly surprised that there were NO moments at which I felt bored or confused. Why I should have expected to be either I don't know but I found myself on an enjoyable journey from beginning to end.

The peculiar personality traits and strange behaviour of our isolated family members in the tower, I felt,  became more recognisably normal in many ways as the piece went on. Was this because we became more accustomed to their ways or because we began to see more resemblance with people we meet in the real world everyday? It was certainly interesting to contemplate.

Overall I really enjoyed the production and had lovely time meeting fellow Chinwaggers for our discussion afterwards. Although I was sad that I had to leave our Chinwagging session early to catch a train. Thanks to everyone who came along and took part.

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Thanks for organising this, Anna.

Loved it.


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