Do Drama/Dance/Music colleges give a more rounded education?

I am currently working on a research project centred around the idea of do Drama School's give something different from other higher education courses? I know a bit vague but any help would be much appreciated.

I am particularly looking if colleges are more professionally driven and so lead to a career due to training etc and also if people decide not to go into performance/design etc does the experience within a college allow for a creative viewpoint that may be of value in other career paths? I think in someways all creative higher education courses can be great for aiding ways of thinking and bring creativity out in other scenarios. I was also wondering if colleges are a bit like a drip, drip effect and you are not quite sure about everything you have learnt but as you become more experienced and develop these come into play. 

Any thoughts would be much appreciated

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My initial response would be that such institutions give more of a personal creative experience that a rounded education. Before training at Drama School, I did a degree at University which gave me an academic experience rather than a practical one. The training at Drama/Dance/Music school is a very specific one - you train to be an actor, a dancer, a musician etc and then from my experience there is another creative process that surrounds that training which is sometimes hard to define. Freedom of creativity and spontaneity is encouraged - a certain level of openness is needed which isn't always easy to find and needs to be in some ways re-discovered. The only way I can think of describing it is kind of a regression - unlearn to relearn - shedding the boundaries collected through adulthood to open up new channels of free creative thinking. At this point I agree with the idea of the drip drip effect - a few things taught/experienced at the time never really made any sense but a few years down the line they have suddenly fitted into place (there are still things that maybe never will! This perhaps can be said for most types of educational experiences maybe? Overall I feel that I certainly gained something above and beyond the training as a performer that I didn’t gain from other educational establishments - something that found or rediscovered open free creative thinking that has been beneficial to all areas of my work and social life. :-)


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