Links/discussion about guides for Digital Media Use to help in the formation of organisational guidelines. you'll note I've not used the words 'policy' or 'governance.' Social technologies are about sharing, not controlling and 'guidelines' offer more flexibility in the ways we work with and through digital social media than policies. 

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Twitter Guide for Academics from London School of Economics (LSE)

Download the PDF. It is written for academics, but has some useful information in it over value to all users of Twitter.



US Army 2011 Social Media Handbook

Yep. The US army have a social media handbook, and it is good. I couldn't think of a more complex organisation needing to offer guidance to staff and its wider communities with insight to social ways of working with and through social media. 


Sound Delivery Social Media Guide

A little bit outdated (2009), but with some basic guides for social media use. 


BBC Social Media Guidance (June 2011)

A guide developed for the BBC on staff personal and work use of social media. 



Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Social Media Guidance

Some of the links at the back of this might be of value for further information. 

My Opera Community - Blogging Guide

I like this guide, as it is written in a far more casual style than many guides and policy documents. I especially like the title of this one: 

We're not your mama

No one is here to look over your shoulder, but please use common sense when it comes to the use of objectionable language, sensitive topics, etc. Also be sure to proof-read and use proper grammar / spelling.


Twitter Examples & How To's from Arts Marketing Association

A list of resources on the AMA website about Twitter that are of value to peeps new to Twitter and also those who regard themselves as old hands. 


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