Hi everybody,

A little random question here. My friend, Violet, wants to come to the next Hide and Seek on September 3rd but she needs me to check with you all if she's welcome. The reason for this is that she's quite a well known prostitute around Cardiff and fears that unless people have been informed before hand that she might be found out throughout the night.

So yeah, there it is. Can she come?

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That's right Violet, 6.30pm start so you can sign up for the games you want to play. Then games start at 7pm and the evening finishes at 10.30pm... if your stamina can make it that long! It is at the Royal Welsh College of MUSIC and Drama (in case you google it for directions and can't find it), right behind the castle in Bute Park. It's a great setting and encourages people to get intimate... so I hope you have a good time. Looking forward to meeting you at the sign in desk tomorrow! x
Hi Violet

Hope your Sandpit experience was a good one. I note from an earlier post that you were a bit concerned that Bethan was very blunt about revealing your chosen profession as a prostitute. Perhaps next time you pass a bookshop you could get hold of a Book of Euphemism as a gift for Bethan. There she would learn that she could have described you and your work by any number of other names including: Whoopie Wench, Soiled Dove, Nymphe Du Pave (Nymph of the Pavement), Sidewalk Suzie or a Lady of the Scarlet Sisterhood. If it transpired that it was, in fact, Bethan herself who had been 'procuring you for the purposes of fictional prostitution' then this, to use the American rhyming slang would make her your 'Mrs McGimp' - or in the Cockney - your 'Fish and Shrimp'!


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