one of the things I do, as well as my own creative practices and musician and movement artist, is working part time doing development work for a disability arts organisation in the south-west (

I've just had a request from a Somalian, who has until the last 2 years been based in Paris, and he is writing a play with accompanying musical score. This play talks about the plight of the Somalians in the UK and aims toward integration within the UK community. He is based in Bristol and I'm wondering if anybody knows of any forums or groups that he can join there to discuss his work. any thoughts, let me know. Many thanks. ~

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Hiya, have you had a look at John's discussion? :

A good starting point may be to get him signed up here in the National Theatre Wales community. He could then discuss his work in relation to Wales, the UK, Bristol or anywhere. It is a great place to get ideas out into the open - and feedback too, as some people are already finding.

In terms of Bristol itself, I don't know too much about opportunities there specifically, though I'm sure that someone on here will have the right knowledge and experience!
many thanks to this Catherine. I'd also thought of encouraging him to join this network - so thanks for the prompt on that. I hadn't seen Jon's discussion - really interesting. gives me an a sense of what gives the vibrancy to this network.
ohhhh wow, thanks Adele, I didn't know that . .. just had the intuition to post on this board . .. now I know a bit more why !!


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