anyone had any experience of applying to this foundation? cheers

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Yeah, they gave me an award a couple of years back - what is it you want to know?
Hello Matthew, thanks for your reply. It's actually for a friend of mine who is applying to them for an award to do some writing, and wanted to know if they have a particular preference/focus. If he want's to, is there a way he can get in touch with you about this?.
I don't think they have a particular preference, just that you have to have had at least one professional production on. They are really decent to deal with actually. If he wants to get in touch, I'll message you my email address. But I am no expert. I just followed the guidelines on their website - it was all pretty straight forward stuff.
Hi Christoffer... I've been fortunate to have received various support from the foundation over the years - like Matthew said, all the info you need is on the website - unless it's changed, the application is pretty simple and accessible - they last gave some match funding for my creative Wales Award last year. Basically I wrote a letter and they replied... I gather it's their mission to make the application as writer-friendly and unfussy as possible. I've known them support emerging writers as well as more established ones, but it helps if you have a track record. Good luck to your friend.. Hopefully catch up with you soon, when i;m back from the US... kaite x
Can only add to what Matthew and Kaite have said - they're the most straightforward and easy to deal with of any fund/foundation/or similar body I've had contact with. I read the guidelines on the website and got help to finish a play.
Many thanks Garry, Kaite and Matthew for your replies. I'm sure that what you have all written will give my friend more confidence in his application.
Yes please Matthew, do message me your email and I'll pass it on to my friend. I thnink he 's doing fine adn, hearing of your experience may be useful. many thanks ~ Christoffer


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