Recently I've been wondering .. What of the future of this online community?

In 2009 at it's launch I became a member of this online community ... it's been an interesting few years reading, watching and experiencing the many differing productions and ideas around theatre across and connected to Wales. But a few questions I've been wondering about ... 

  • What of it's future?
  • Do we really use it that often? and for what do we use it for?
  • What do members of it really want from it moving forward?
  • How important is a digital social network to the theatre community in Wales?





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This is a relevant discussion because it is written by people who are writing or who want to do so and not those who wish to parade their egos in cyberspace.

I'm not sure what is the thinking behind the previous remark , "to provide insights into other groups."

I would like to add that writers do work for the most part in isolation, but also need the contacts to get their work seen/published so the future of an online community in hard times could be exactly that.

Gillian, I apologise if I've offended you. I assure you I had no such intention. I absolutely agree with you that the Writers Group comments page is a valuable place for writers to discuss writing with other writers.

By "to provide insights to other Groups", I meant that members of the Actors, Creatives, Technical, Theatre Design and Writers Groups (and any other professional Groups on this website which I may have inadvertently omitted) could read the comments of each others' Groups and maybe get a better understanding of the issues which concern their fellow theatre workers.

I'm sorry you think the motive of my post was to "wish to parade (my) ego in cyberspace".  My response is to say that this forum is open to all and that when I post it's in the hope of continuing the discussion. So, with your reply, I've succeeded in this case!

I'm sorry now as I didn't mean your 'ego' i meant some of the posts on the general site.

Maybe a few of us like minded people should actually meet face -to-face and get a few ideas off the ground.let me know if u think this suggestion has 'legs'

Thank you for explaining that! I expect you've seen Amy (Sherman Cymru) Hodge's post on Wed in the Writers Group inviting all interested writers to the open event on Tues 26th July from 6.00 to 8.00 at Chapter, Cardiff in the upstairs Media Point. This might be an opportunity and you could definitely meet fellow writers face-to-face.  I won't be there because I'm a mere audience member, not a writer! Good luck!

Hi Gillian and Ken, 

You've both raised some really good points about how, where and for what reason we use this (and other) online networks, and the writers group is good example for where the group is full of discussion (yes with different motives, reasons), yet you have to be a member of that group to participate (but not read). Like Ken you've said it is good to have certain discussions accessible to more than just one area/field of the theatre community, so we all learn/share. :-) I too would like to see this happen for others areas/fields across the site. 

We all have different motives, be that egocentric, sharing, learning or to feel connected to others. So sometimes it is hard to find the right mix of what works and doesn't moving forward.

But as you correctly say Gill, online only provide for part of the meaning in what we mean when we communicate. Face to face meet-up's are also very important. 

So yes, I certainly think your suggestion has legs :-)  

Hi all,

I would love to be able to use this site more productively but to this end there maybe should be a 'Networking' tab.  As most people in the creative industries are freelance then it can be quite difficult to find people to work with especially when you have a project but no idea how to go about funding it, casting it, finding a space to rehearse it and then how to sell it!

Maybe we also need a crossover group that melds all the various skills so that we could get a project going from start to finish!

Apart from that it is useful to see what projects are going ahead and the type of work that does get funded.

Hope that's helpful,  Polly :)


Polly, very helpful. I know work is underway to improve the NTW social network and a networking tab sounds like something worth exploring and a group ... perhaps like a sandbox to get ideas up and running. :-) I worry sometimes sites such as this, even Facebook, become more about 'promotion of self' than for social interaction. :-) Perhaps it is as we are as human beings ... smiles Kelly



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