What type of theatre would you like to see produced in Wales?

It's an exciting time for theatre in Wales at the moment!

National Theatre Wales are about to enter their second year of groundbreaking work, Theatre Genedlaethol are looking forward to an exciting future and there are loads of great companies, artists and writers creating new work in this country.


What theatre though would you personally like to see produced in Wales? If you could pick anything at all!


Do you have a favourite play or playwright you think should be seen in this country (that may or may not have been neglected previously)? And why?


Do you think there is a large demand for projects that have never been seen in Wales before?


Are there plays or projects that bare a particular relevance to Wales, as we know it today? Should there be a focus on specific topics or subjects?


Would you like to watch more of a certain style of theatre (are some under-represented in Wales)?

  • Classical plays?
  • Contemporary pieces?
  • New writing?
  • Musicals?
  • Dance?

Let me know any of your opinions, suggestions, ideas, criticisms, or anything at all! It would be great to open things up and get a feeling for what others are really interested in...


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physical theatre! i have always addicted to that... :)


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