Keep your ears and eyes peeled to this discussion thread, which we will be using to draw together the conversations that take place before, during and after our first ever Assembly in Japan....... 

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Here is the link for a blog I did rounding up Assembly to date and talking a little about upcoming Japan Assembly.

Last Assembly as Creative Associate

I am sitting here up earlier then I have been in while and thought I might as well do a quick update.

So had a great meeting with the guys here at New National Theatre and my translater Akiko and assistant Nobuo.

Much to do and also explain, however the following thoughts have left me pondering and thinking about the challenges of this Assembly (some are issues that have existed in all the Assemblies):

What is the Space?

Who are the audience?

The rules of our world?

How we enable the audience to feel that they can engage and access?

How do we bring a diverse group of people to the theatre show and enable a real sense of discourse?

Enabling my performers with enough knowledge and understanding in order to instill confidence to facilitate!

Realising the formality and supposed submissiveness that is predominant amongst people here.

I am seeing lot's of realities with Bangladeshi culture here but I am also seeing some difference.  Certainly a huge difference from UK culture - should be interesting what I discover over the next few days as I dig around and research.



アッセンブリー Assembly in Japanese!


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