Watch this space to see how the first SuperAssembly develops and how we work with BYGS and the other groups in Bangor to create an amazing performance debate event which will get everyone talking.

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General ideas from our session today: 

Fashion show of stereotypes - different social groups (chavs, skaters, EMOs etc)

Film made during event 

Promotional film for event projected in the centre to publicise event

Event could try to help bring locals and students together

Event should have a live music aspect to it 

Food- what & how should this be incorporated

Could we have a photo wall where people come along and take polaroid pics and then write a phrase about themselves

Highlight public spaces which are being used by the public due to lack of knowledge

Video room?

GROUPS/ people we want to involve we want to involve:

School groups  

Community groups 

Maes G?

Hiral estate? 

Garth estate?




Local Businesses  

Coleg Menai

Homeless Community


Places to hang out over the next few weeks:

Town Centre 


Sports Centres 


Other places where bored young people hang out?

Interesting information:

Can be quite a violent place especially after people have had a drink- where and why does the violence occur?

Crime rate has dropped by 28.3% over the past 2 years.

29% growth in GDP in Bangor

Roughly about 10,000 people (population) swelling to maximum during to term time and then decreasing dramatically during holidays.

1st language Welsh 

2nd language Mandarin

3rd language English 

Brenda Chamberlain- author & artist from Bangor (A Rope of Vines).

Rolf Harris did a programme about her NTW is also doing some work around her - Lucy Gough and Rebecca Gould did some research around Brenda.

We want to go to Archives to do some digging around local heroes.  

So all in all a productive day!

Final idea- I think or hope so!

Check out the Super Assembly video

Super Assembly

And the photos

Super Assembly Pics



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