Hi, i am the new Creative Associate at National Theatre Wales and I am responsible for the Assembly programe for the next two years. I have a few Ideas about how Assembly can develop but I wondered what other people thought and if there were any other good examples out there of performance/debate events.

You can leave a comment on here, you can email me GavinPorter(at)nationaltheatrewales.org or I'm on twitter @Gavin_NTW 

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Hey Gav, 

When I was in Holland in January and bumped into this interesting company Niuew Utrecht Toneel who were doing a 3week project at Theater Kikker in Utrecht. It was about the crisis in Greece, and they had a shop open in the day selling products from Greece and also some stuff they made themselves related to the project. During the evenings then they had a program of different events on for the whole duration and they would vary from a performances, bingo nights, gigs to discussion groups- all around the theme of shopping, finance and Greece. 

You should definitely check it out! I though it was a great way of merging theatre,art, music, film etc with shopping! Very suitable for the subject and was just by the shopping area of Utrecht and did entice shoppers in with their massive 'Greece on sale!' sign!

Here's the website for the project- http://www.nuttigewinkel.nl/

Here's the company's website-http://www.nieuwutrechtstoneel.nl/

I've also got the program from their project which has some great funny images in there so I can drop that in for you if you want? 

Hope this helps! 


P.S pre-warning it's all dutch but your computer might help!

Dank U Budd

Hi Gavin,

I've been working with a Bulgarian company for a couple of years who work in a way that always invites or provokes audience participation in the performance. Essentially they work with fixed and flowing elements - so combining fixed choreography and text, with improvisation and interaction - what's lovely about it is that the performance is always a living vehicle for the themes of the perf, open to the impulses of the actors and audience. I'm holding a workshop on 3rd august at the Sherman if you'd be interested in popping along?

All best,


Cheers for that Paul. Do you have any links to the Bulgarian company?

Also I think I'm taking my little ones on a trip on the third but do you do you have any more info (times) incase I don't go.

I do yes - it's the director/choreographer of the company who's going to be leading the wkshop, then I'm going over to Sofia to work with them on a play later in August.

The workshop will be 10am - 5pm, it'll probably be movement work in the morning then some acting and perhaps a short video presentation about the work in the afternoon. I guess it's part workshop part recruitment drive!

We hope to make some work here in Cardiff - so if you couldn't make it, when it's on its feet I'll make sure I invite you.


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