Cardiff dark comedy / drama comedy project. CALL OUT for actors, actresses, directors, writers and film crew!


Hello everyone. To introduce, my name is Tim and I am a starting out writer here in Cardiff. I am in the process of writing and creating a dark comedy / comedy drama called Doctor Eli. Essentially my aim is not to just write the script and hope someone takes notice but rather to get as many people as I can on board to take part and actually make the thing. I believe that particularly with comedy, the only thing that truly matters is what comes across on screen. So, to get to the point, I want this project to be filmed and released online as a web series, obviously starting with the pilot.


So what I need is everyone. Actors, film crew, some directorial assistance and also some help with the script and just the overall idea in general. There are certain elements of the project that I have to keep loyal to, but obviously I will be open to ideas and creative discussion in other elements. 


The only thing I am asking for with this project is 100% commitment. If you think you are likely to put certain things before this project, i.e. work and social life, then it may be best to have a good think about whether you would like to get involved. Obviously we all have jobs and other responsibilities but I am only asking for maybe two evenings a week and maybe another session on the weekend when things start heating up. I am very serious about this project and in order to create something worthwhile, I need likeminded people!


I know I have not mentioned anything about what the actual thing is about but I do have a couple of pages for the general pitch. If you are interested then I will email it to you and we will go from there. Oh and trust me, we will have a hell of a lot of jolly good fun on the way. If you are interested and fancy getting stuck into this project then drop me an email. Trust me, we will never stop working on this until we are as proud of it as we can possibly be. If this is for you then please drop me an email. I will then fill you in on the pitch and generally what the bloody thing is about.


Happy New Year chaps and chapettes.



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Hello Tim!

Could you send me the pitch and script bits?! Cheers:

Hi Justin. Many thanks for the reply, I will send some bits over on Sunday when I get back to Cardiff if you don't mind. Using prehistoric Internet at the mo! Cheers.

Hi, this sounds like something I would be very interested in working on,  I’d love to see the script if you don’t mind, my email address is I can also send you my CV if you’d like.

Hi there

I would be interested in taking part


Hi Tim,

I'm very late in replying! I have just moved back to Wales from London so am looking for acting work if you still require dedicated people :)


Hi Tim,

my email is, please send me some script bits.


Hi there! Actress looking for work. Please forward further information to me at, would love to get involved! Regards. Nerys

Hi there. Sounds interesting/ I would love to be involved an discuss it with more. Please drop me a line.

Please feel free to contact me on


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