It’s hard to believe that us humble grumble mumble Brits are actually experiencing a real summer this year, isn’t it? Not just a scrap of sun peeping through the clouds and teasing us with a fleeting glimpse every now and again, but weeks of scorching sunshine, blazing down onto our pale bodies in glorious fashion. Gone are the days where we have to turn up our laptop brightness just to get a taste of what the Mediterranean folk have. We are having pop-on-your-shorts-and-get-down-the-beach weather!


It’s no surprise then, really, that the sun has gone to our heads.


And I am no exception to this. All this enjoying myself and feeling giddy in the sunshine has made me want to give away free stuff!




So why not cash in on my temporary insanity through August and book a photographic session with yours truly? Whether it’s a fresh batch of headshots or a bundle of great portraits for you or your loved ones, book with me in the month of August and you will be able to get FOUR FREE 10X8 prints (worth £40) of your choice. FREE…that means nothing, nada, zero, nil, zilch…I must be bananas.


So what are you waiting for? Book in with me now for a fun filled session, revelling in the sunbeams, larking about and producing some great shots and leave with digital copies and FOUR FREE PRINTS to remember your time with Larklight Photography! xxx

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