What are some examples of Digital in the Arts we often talk about that we can/do learn from? I call these 'Case Insights' as they give us insight into what other organizations are doing in the sector - good and not so good examples we can all learn from. 

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English National Opera (ENO) have a great example of a successful viral video for their opera 'Two Boys' (London Coliseum, 6 & 7 July 2011). In the first 6 days it obtained close to 1,000,000 views on YouTube. 


Agency: Don't Panic


The Virtual Choir (2010)

Music composer, Eric Whitacre used social media to create virtual crowdsourced performances of music. For his choir works "Sleep" and "Lux Aurumque," Whitacre released a video of himself conducting each piece so that users could record the various tracks (soprano, alto, bass, etc) and submit them. Whitacre then synced them together to create "virtual choir" performances which were then published on YouTube. Received over 2,400,000 views (July 2011). 

Composer/Conducter: Eric Whitacre


However, this is not just an example of digital as a platform for performance, creating the worlds largest online choir. Virtual Choir.org is an interesting example of the use of digital media in performance, communications and community engagement. Virtual Choir.org shows insight into how one organization (that started as an idea/experiment) integrates many differing digital platforms from Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, RSS etc throughout their offering. 

Co-created Music Video

In 2010, over 250,000 artists/people from 172 countries collaborated through an interactive website to create John Cash's final music video of his last ever recording: 'Ain't No Grave.'  Watch the documentary about it's making:


Visit the website: http://www.thejohnnycashproject.com/

Digital Futures: Case Studies

Practical examples of how arts and business organisations can learn and benefit from each other using digital technology.

Internet in Performance [Blog Post]

Christoper Cale has posted an interesting blog post on this site about 'Internet in Performance' posing some good questions about how we consider digital and internet-based technologies in performance. Matt Ball and Julian Sykes have responded with some interesting examples and thoughts on the role/value and impact of Internet. Including: Broken Talkers, Stationhouse Opera, Baba Israel's talk at Tedx York, and Theatre Sandbox, and Everwake coming in September 2011.  




Arts Smarts: How Creative Social Media Approaches are Driving Ticke...

Here is an article written about how the Australian Arts sector are embracing digital social media and it's impact on their ticket sales. 


A website about the Australian Arts sector, from the Australian government with research, case studies and videos of examples of Arts organisations engaging with and through digital media. Some really interesting examples here. 



Development of NTW Social Network Site.

Great article in the guardian by Tom Beardshaw about how NativeHQ and NTW collaborated on the development of NTW Online Social Network.

TATE Social Media Strategy

Need to write a social media strategy and don't know where to start. In true ethos of the Internet, the TATE has kindly shared their 2011-2012 strategy online. 


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