Hey Guys,

I didn't intend on posting this kind of thing when I joined this group but have realised it may help me.

It's another accommodation post, sorry!


I am doing some Front of House managing at the Assembly Hall and I had a floor organised to sleep on but this has now fallen through (just the agreement, not the floor!)

I am finding it hard to find anywhere affordable to stay on Fringe wages (currently trying hard to save for my wedding in October so can't afford a loss!) so I am just wondering if any of you would be willing to have me for only two or three nights over the fringe period at all?

I would be happy to pay a little money towards inconvenience and utilities but I don't want to be an incovenience for too long which is why I am asking for bitesize sleepovers rather than more.

I am sorted for my first week up to the 4th but it's all a bit touch and go after that! I will be leaving on the 18th so am not there for the entirety of the festival.


If anyone is able to help at all I would be extremely grateful. I know that the Fringe is expensive for all of us but (apart from the fact that the Ed fringe is my Mecca) the reason I decided to work there this year is because the theatre I currently work at is all sorts of quiet over August and I figured at least I can get some good experience and earn a little bit of money after flights to at least pay the mortgage and bills for my house that month!

Thank you,


Rhiannon xx


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Did you get this sorted?  

Hi Christine,


No I haven't as yet. I have had a couple of friends say they'll have to see how their floor space is doing when they get there but until then I haven't got anything else confirmed.

Ok.  I'll have a think...  Not sure if you can dm me on this but that might be easier... Christine.

I haven't forgotten about you, Rhiannon!

I'm afraid we don't have any spare room, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for something as and when things come up...

Hi Catrin,

Thank you very much for that, I appreciate it xx


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