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Sorrow for My Sons - Graig Du Theatre Players

Addendum to original scene that is in "Painting the Darkness" and "Sorrow for My Sons", the shorter of the two versions. Gwen turns to face her mother. Gwen:   I feel helpless, mother. Why do I fi… View »

Solace - Graig Du Theatre Players

Amy never got over the death of her first baby, Gareth. Faced with mounting debts, she is reluctant to return to work after the birth of her daughter, Marion. John, her husband, sees things differen… View »

Old Sweats - Graig Du Theatre Players

Verdun Jones is in his mid-eighties.  Always short-tempered, he keeps his peace until one day his grandson, Sam, visits and will not put down the mobile phone he is looking at when Verdun is speakin… View »

All is Gas and Gaiters! - Graig Du Theatre Players

Charles Dickens never suffered fools gladly. Imagine the great man’s surprise when, over a century after his death in 1870, he hears that a Welsh school teacher, Elwyn Gradgrind, has written in his… View »

A Child of the Urth - Graig Du Theatre Players

Deeply traumatized by his experiences during the Great War, Dr. John Rhys returns to his parents’ home at Harlech in 1923, hoping to find the peace that has eluded him in London. Helen, his wife, su… View »

The Great War - Graig Du Theatre Players

The people of the British Isles respect tradition and the proud history of their country. This is anathema to other nations. While I was researching a number of stories involving The Great War and i… View »

A Rhondda Miscellany - Graig Du Theatre Players

My grandmother, Morfydd Edwards,  who lived at Tegfan House, Dinas, only occasionally spoke of her brother Phillip, his death, and of what occurred in Dinas during the Great War to my father… View »

Ragamuffin Tales - Graig Du Theatre Players 1 Comment

This is another of Gwillym Pen Pwyll's stories "Ragamuffin Tales". This one concerns the devil, known as Andras, and a deal he makes with a farmer in Trehafod. Well, this is another tale that you… View »

Forgotten Dream - Graig Du Theatre Players

Shepherd:   I told you I will tell all and I will, damn you! There is no truth because its never been a part of me. My life's blood is lessened the longer I hold my tongue. Do not judge me unti… View »

Disappearances 3 - Graig Du Theatre Players

Police in a small Welsh coastal town are perplexed by the disappearance of seventeen-year-old Julia Anscombe. Her father Frederick, a local businessman, is found bludgeoned to death in the gardens o… View »


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