Women and Equality Discussion Events: REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE - ACT

Celebrating 100yrs since women achieved the right to vote and equal suffrage was achieved for men, we ask the question: Where are we now?

Groundwork Pro is hosting a series of discussions/events to continue important conversations around gender equality and examine action in our art form.

Over three weeks, we have three exceptional women joining us to discuss their politics, practice and personal journeys. Join us for these inspiring and valuable conversations at Three Doors Up, (Queens Arcade) over a glass of wine and bite to eat.

Tues 16th Jan, 5.45 – 7.30pm: AMY BELL – Missing in Action: Gender Guerrillas
Amy’s event will focus on queer issues, the marginalisation or invisibility of queer women in dance and the lack of trans/non-binary representation in our art form.

Wed 24th Jan, 5.45 – 7.30pm: HANNAH BUCKLEY – We Are Now.
Hannah's event celebrates and discusses intergenerational equality and exchange, reflecting upon her film series and soon-to-be live performance project We Are Now.

Wed 31st Jan, 5.45 – 7.30pm: ELEANOR SIKORSKI – Take it personally.
In Eleanor's event we discuss the journey towards equality and the power of personal stories. Can our everyday experiences of work, dance and play, make a difference?

These events are OPEN TO ALL. Do join us as we'd love to hear your voice. Please let us know you're coming and email Groundworkprocardiff@gmail.com so we can anticipate numbers.
Suggested donation £4 on the door (no one will be excluded for lack of funds)

Three Doors Up is part of Arcade Cardiff, find it in Queens Arcade (down the escalators by New Look).

*The artists will also be leading morning class for dancers and movers. Tues & Wed @ Rubicon Dance, Thurs @ Dance House Cardiff, 9:30-11am, £10 per week or £4 per class drop-in.
16th – 18th Jan: Amy Bell
23rd – 25th Jan: Hannah Buckley – this weeks class is open to all ages and abilities celebrating intergenerational exchange.
30th Jan – 1st Feb: Eleanor Sikorski

For further information on the events please follow this link... https://groundworkpro.com/events/event/representation-people-act-2/

For further information on the classes please follow this link... https://groundworkpro.com/events/classes/

Facebook: Groundwork Pro
Twitter: @ProGroundwork

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