Leftfield Theatre is the home of new writing. Who has a piece to submit?

Please send any examples of your writing to leftfieldtheatre@yahoo.com as an email attachment, whether you think they're perfect works of genius that could beat the arse off Pinter's 'Birthday Party' in a pub fight, or if you think they're not yet ready and could do with more work.

Leftfield Theatre wants new writing that challenges the prejudices and stereotypes of the society we live under; that challenges contemporary forms of theatre e.g. lets have some absurdist theatre or theatre of the oppressed.

Let's have works from people from the varying communities that make up multi-cultural Britain, work that bridges the percieved gaps between society, that shows the communality of ordinary people.

Humourous plays? Sketches? What are your influences? Mine range from Kenneth Horne to the Pythons; the Goodies to the Burkiss Way; Blackadder to Fry & Laurie; Black's Books to the Mighty Boosh.

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