The 'Little Dogs' production is inspired by the Dylan Thomas Story 'Just Like Little Dogs' and the furtive hours so many of us have sent searching for kindness and warmth in the shadows of the city.

We want to know where have you found love ? 

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First found it in a hopeless place....

Then years later I told Rihanna about it...

My girlfriend's back garden. I was 15/16 and had just walked her home. I had this surge from within. I just knew I loved her and for the first time in my life I realised I had to tell someone I loved them. Just as the words were forming in my mouth she said, 'I love you'

It was like being shot in the head (not that I have been shot in the head. Just go with me on this). Adrenalin fired around my body. Although I probably ran a mile and a half home I don't think my feet touched the ground once.

found it at my big brother's school disco with his friend andy - then lost it the same night. the real thing came a few years later and was v v v painful.

That one got me a bit emotional, Naomi!

Steve you crack me up! I found it in Butlins. 

But... seriosuly.. I used to play kiss chase, cuddle and torture in school age 7.  The boys used to run up to me and say "Katie you always chase and torture, but never cuddle or kiss... why?" To which I replied... "My mammy says I'm not allowed to kiss any boy unless they look like Gene Kelly".  Yeah, realised I first fell in love with Gene himself and his umbrella.  Needless to say my first boyfriend 'Dean Locke' ( what a name ) looked like Gene Kelly.


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