Ok, so here's a challenge that doesn't require much writing back just typing one word so SURELY you can play this one!!!

Here's a game that is written for a very specific location. Read the details below and see if you can guess which location it is.

EVERYONE who gets the answer right will receive a prize in the post- won't tell you what it is, it's a surprise!


This game is a physical challenge that takes approximately 4 days to play (if you start from first base).

Most of the game play happens in the early mornings but you need to be fully committed and alert throughout the four days.

Game- You have to find the missing child (which will be a red flag) before the cannibals take her away and eat her. You have to read maps, find clues, listen to radio messages (no phone signal here) and talk to the locals (although you don't speak the same language) to figure which way to get to her quickly but safely. (the natural terrain of this location can be lethal).

Camping gear is necessary and walking boots essential.

The story- Your daughter has been kidnapped by cannibals. She's only three years old. They've left you a clue as to where she is but you soon realise that they want your flesh too. You have a choice- to let your daughter go or to face the challenge of getting her back. The biggest problem is that these cannibals live high, high up.

Your mission is to protect yourself, save your daughter and get the hell out of here!

Answers in the comments box below please.

Good luck everybody!


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