Ernest Hemingway once wrote a story in only six
and it was judged to be among his absolute best.

Let's take that as inspiration. Now, this week's challenge is related to mathematics... HOLD ON NOW PLEASE.

Yes you did read that but it's only loosely related to maths - ANYONE can play along, it might be fun and you don't have to calculate anything I promise.

Here we go. Over the years people have devised sayings in order to memorise the digits of pi.

Here's an example.


If you memorise "How I wish I could calculate pi" then you know the first 7 digits of pi, how? Well just count the letters in each word and it will correspond to each digit because pi = 3.141592... (and a load more digits). "How" has 3 letters, "I" has only 1 letter and so on. We disregard the decimal point, that's assumed.

OK! So your challenge is to devise a saying which helps you to remember pi. The most memorable one (judged by me) wins a FRISBEE - for throwing around (and/or calculating) in the park. So make it funny, make it poignant, make a multiple haiku epic, use your imagination.

Post your entry as a reply below.

It can be anywhere between 7 words and 70 words inclusive. Just stop whenever.

pi = 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816...

Wo wo-woooa, what is pi again please?
As any good schoolchild knows, pi is the number you get if you measure around a circle and divide that by the diameter of the circle. As long as both are in the same unit of measurement, the answer will be pi. It's the Greek letter for p because it's the perimeter of the circle - another word for circumference. Please note: never "disregard the decimal point" if you work in civil engineering.

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