Casting for 'Concrete Jungle', A Short Film Directed by Bafta Nominated Rungano Nyoni and Written by Bethan Marlow

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We are casting for our short film 'Concrete Jungle' which is part of the BFI Cymru Short film scheme.

We welcome applications from BAME actors, both professional, amateur and unexperienced. We intend for a diverse cast.

The casting call is attached but the character breakdown is also below. Please email submissions including CV or expression of interest, headshot and a showreel (or a 1 minute video clip of you reading in your natural voice) to

Best Wishes,


Lisa, 18-24yrs, Any Ethnicity.

Lisa hides her fragile vulnerability with a hard-faced and manic front

that’s fuelled by cheap drugs. She’s the mother of 5 year old Candice

but her heart and thoughts are completely consumed by her unrequited

love for Carl.

Carl, 18-34yrs, Any Ethnicity.

Born and raised by his mother, Carl leads his pack with a cool, calm and

focussed attitude. But when it comes to fighting for pride and respect,

his violence knows no limits. He is a devoted and caring father to 6

year old Daniel and always has his loyal dog, Killer, by his side. He’s

single but fancied by most. He’s also the father of Candice.

Gail, 18-24yrs, Any Ethnicity

Born and raised by caring and respectful older parents, upbeat Gail

loves it here. Since a tragic accident with her toddler falling from the

balcony, Gail now devotes her time to planning fun events for the local

kids- she calls them her “babies”. Always smiling, always observing and

always helping her best friend Lisa.

Candice, 4-8yrs, Any Ethnicity

Candice has a physical disability that means she can’t climb, run or

dance as well as the other kids. But it doesn’t stop her from giving it

a go. Candice loves escaping into her imagination as she plays on the

concrete square outside her house. Her favourite thing is when her mum

puts make-up on her and tries to teach her to dance.

Daniel, 5-11yrs, Any Ethnicity

Cocky and streetwise Daniel is the fastest runner in his school. He

loves his dad and loves to tell people who his dad is because everyone’s

scared of him. He can do what he likes, say what he likes and even swear

if he wants to- as long as his mother doesn’t catch him! His favourite

things are playing football with his dad and hot chocolate cuddles with

his mum.

Shelley, 18-24yrs, Any Ethnicity

Shelley moved here when she started dating Carl and fell pregnant with

Daniel. Although the relationship ended many years ago she just can’t be

bothered to move anywhere else. Her house is always clean, Daniel is al-

ways loved and cared for and she loves watching television and talking

about how bored she is. Other than that, very little happens in her


Brief Synopsis

It’s fireworks night on the concrete estate where unloved Lisa, (20s), lives with daughter Candice, (5). Lisa desperately loves Carl. Carl loves his son Daniel. High on bubble tonight, Lisa’s jealousy for Daniel knows no limits.

Concrete Jungle is a short narrative film based on an African Fairy Tale about a Leopard and a Goat. The tale deals with themes of jealousy and motherhood. The film, however, is set in a close community in South Wales, where people are literally living on top of each other, in a concrete block of flats.

The Film is part of the BFI/Ffilm Cymru Beacons Scheme.

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