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National Theatre Wales TEAM is an open invitation - a chance for you to join in, contribute, and help us generate some magic. Whether you are new to the arts or a veteran culture vulture, TEAM welcomes you and your curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination.


TEAM is a network that encompasses a whole range of individuals, from arts professionals, dedicated enthusiasts and those curious ones dipping their toe in for the first time. 



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Once you are part of this growing network, you get the chance to take part in our creative activities, get special ticket offers for our shows, and opportunities to assist on our productions.

If you’ve got an idea that you want to share, a creative project that needs an outside eye to glance over it, or you are looking for some guidance from a supportive arts community you have come to the right place.

TEAM can offer you training to help you lead a project with confidence, set up a community group or craft a performance piece.

We invite you to post your events, ideas and opportunities here. Let’s get the word out, shall we?

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Comment by Laura Fay Thomas on October 2, 2015 at 11:47

Today we've launched our TEAM Snapchat!

Add us to get an insight into various TEAM and NTW events wherever you are.

Username: ntwTEAM

Tomorrow night TEAM member Rachel Rosen will be snapping live from the Iliad overnight marathon to give you an insight behind the scenes and reactions from audience, cast and crew. Be part of this epic night of theatre wherever you are!

Comment by Sophie McKeand on October 2, 2015 at 9:43

Fancy the opportunity to meet internationally renowned poet Ahmed Knowmadic? There's a free TEAM networking event in Cardiff on Monday 5th (also a nice halal buffet).

More info on my blog:

Hope to see you there!

Comment by Sophie Herrmann on October 1, 2015 at 22:22

Comment by Sophie Herrmann on October 1, 2015 at 22:21

Comment by Sophie Herrmann on October 1, 2015 at 22:10

Parallel Lines Day 3

Jan lead a fantastic physical (dance) warm up this morning to get the team moving and grooving before some concentration games which included a game I was previously taught by Becky Poole (Above Board Fitness) which she calls Space Invaders and involves making eye contact and releasing people by saying their name… I was completely embarrassed by accidentally referring to each actor by character name which had been firmly embedded in my brain from the two read throughs on day 1! A fun start to the day anyway!

Then onto a physical activity; moving around the performance space individually as each character but all at the same time (permission to interact if you were led to this naturally) with stimulating music such as “65 Days of static” to also start exploring sound inspirations. I have attached my two favourite images that were discovered during this process. Please note that these are not set and were not deliberately staged, merely an exploration that both myself and director, Catherine Paskell, loved key moments of. In these I loved the levels created and the way in which Steph (played by Lowri Palfrey) and Simon (Gareth Pierce) are in their separate worlds, separated physically by Melissa (Jan Anderson) and Julie (Sara Lloyd Gregory) yet still connected within the space by simply facing in each other’s direction.

Also created were wonderful moments of mirroring (subconscious on the part of the cast members who through R&D and character development implies an already established level of connectedness between them) with physical positions such as head bowed over versus head extended up and back, and with energy levels. A beautiful moment between Steph and Julie occurred when Steph accepted Julie’s pacing and movements within the space, having previously been quite still- a moment between mother and daughter where they bonded and Steph appeared as a child as opposed to the young woman she had portrayed previously. Until, Julie stopped her momentum and the relationship deteriorated once more.

Exploring individual worlds within the same physical space created so many powerful images and helped the actors to experience the performance space in which there is no off stage area. Perhaps the audience will see what the characters experience and feel in the scenes in between their spoken scripted dialogue? Would ‘background’ actions and images support or contradict the stories and words we are told- do we then believe what the characters are telling us? Very excited to continue exploring these ideas and really appreciative of NTW TEAM for giving me the opportunity to experience working creatively on this project and see the development process.

Lunch was spent listening to and discussing what sound says about each character and how it contributes to the audience experience and the implications on the meaning and messages they read into the performance. Some very high pitched synthesised sounds to experiment with. After lunch we are going to apply some of the physicality discovered this morning to initial scenes. Excited to return on Monday to see more. 

Comment by Sophie Herrmann on October 1, 2015 at 22:08

Plays in the Bag Writer Workshops with Dirty Protest

This fabulous opportunity for budding/emerging writers is not to be missed! As the Dirty Protest tour of 'Parallel Lines' gets underway they are keen to support new work and writers along the way by collaborating with established and wannabe writers in these bilingual and FREE workshops where you have the opportunity to write a new play (developing skills and picking up tips on the way) and see it performed that evening by an incredibly talented group of actors. 

As the Assistant Director on Parallel Lines (thanks to ntwTEAM) I cannot express enough how supportive and encouraging Dirty Protest are and how genuinely enthusiastic they are about working with new writers and on new ideas so don't miss out on this amazing experience to participate in workshops or come along and see the performances. 

The performance event in the evening is free to all audience in some venues (check with venue for ticket price and details). All evening performances are free to Parallel Lines tickets holders and workshop participants.

Email now to get involved at; 

Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli on 6th October 

Y Galeri, Caernarfon on 9th October 

Aberystwyth Arts Centre on 12th October

Pontardawe Arts Centre on 17th October

Comment by Sophie Herrmann on October 1, 2015 at 22:08

Parallel Lines Day 2: Cup of Tea with NTWTEAM

Fabulous cuppa with NTWTEAM Assistant Laura today... even though I am always on NTW Community and checking out current posts I have never appreciated just how easy it is to connect with TEAM and access the opportunities and events so expect a few more posts from me so I can tell you all about the things coming up- I am already excited to attend the next TEAM Workout and Skill Swap and encourage anyone even with the vaguest hint of an idea or those who wish to network to check out the info below and get involved! 


Do you have an idea/script/dream, which you’re not sure how to get off the ground?  Are you looking to get involved in new projects and find new collaborators?  Are you a theatre-maker 
who’d like to meet other theatre-makers and play for a day?  Answer yes to any of these questions and Workout is for you.  Taking place at a variety of locations around Wales, it's a day long event which gives creative people a chance to get ideas off the ground and meet fellow theatre-makers.  

As well as a chance to work on participants’ projects, the day includes a Skill Swap session.  This gives you a chance to find the help you need when you need it, in return for helping others out on their projects. A wide range of skills are encouraged from acting, directing, cake baking to photography, unicycle riding or singing . . .the list goes on! The balloons and sweets come free. 

This session will take place at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.  All welcome - just email to let us know you're coming and if you can join the TEAM group here.


Oes gennych chi syniad/sgript/freuddwyd, a ddim yn siŵr beth i wneud nesa’? Ydych chi eisiau cymryd rhan mewn prosiectau newydd a dod o hyd i gydweithwyr newydd? Ydych chi’n greawdwr theatr a fyddai’n hoffi cyfarfod â chreawdwyr theatr eraill a chwarae am ddiwrnod? Os yr ateb yw ‘ie’ i unrhyw un o’r cwestiynau yma, mae Workout yn berffaith i chi. Mae’n digwydd mewn amryw o leoliadau o amgylch Cymru, yn parhau drwy’r dydd a’n rhoi’r cyfle i bobl greadigol rannu eu syniadau a chyfarfod â chreawdwyr theatr eraill.

Ynghyd â’r cyfle i weithio ar brosiectau cyfranogwyr, mae fydd sesiwn Skill Swap yn cael ei gynnal. Mae hwn yn rhoi’r cyfle i chi ddod o hyd i’r cyngor sydd angen arnoch chi, wedi i chi helpu pobl eraill gyda’u prosiectau nhw. Bydd amryw o sgiliau megis actio, cyfarwyddo, pobi cacennau hyd at ffotograffiaeth, canu neu seiclo unicycle… mae’r rhestr yn ddiddiwedd! Mae’r balŵns a losin am ddim!

Croeso i bawb - jyst e-bostiwch er mwyn rhoi gwybod i ni eich bod chi am ddod.

Comment by Sophie Herrmann on October 1, 2015 at 22:06

Parallel Lines Day 1

Feeling like the first day of school, director Catherine Paskell (who I met at the interview) is an absolute dream at putting me at ease. The team is larger than I thought (Director, Producer, 4 cast members, Production manager, Writer, Designer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Design assistant, Marketing Manager, Audio Describer and Chapter staff) but all incredibly welcoming. After a quick introduction of names/ roles we have an introduction from Catherine on Dirty Protest’s ambition to create a company of adventure, belonging and love. I hadn’t realised the script had gone through a three year process of development including research and development since I saw the production in 2013.

I caught myself wondering what makes Catherine a good director? We were only a few minutes in and I had complete faith in her. I concluded it required someone warm, approachable and enthusiastic who makes every member of the team feel valued for turning up and appreciating every individual’s role and effort. Communication is key; make eye contact with every single person in the room and smile!  

What is planned for ‘Parallel Lines’?

-A tour including audio description and touch tour of the set, costumes and maybe even personal characteristics of the performers to ensure the performance is accessible for audience members with limited vision. Recordings were made for the audio programme also.

-A 30 second trailer. Conversations commenced about whether this could include a deleted scene? Dirty Protest are trying to avoid the typical theatre trailer or showing scene sections and make it more like an advert for a film but without giving too much away. I can’t wait to see it!

-Play in a Bag writer’s workshops (check out the Events section on NTW Community for info) where emerging or established writers across Wales have the opportunity to workshop, create and see their work performed by professional actors. This opportunity is available in English and Welsh.

There is so much more to Dirty Protest than performing new writing- they are a company supporting local artists and trying to make theatre and training accessible. What a privilege it is to be able to see them at work.

After introductions we start an initial read through. Already the casting is perfect (with two returning cast members from the 2013 production) and the reading captivating, humorous and inspiring.

What is different?

-It is now set in the present tense whereas the 2013 production was set 3 months after so instead of seeing the character’s reactions to the event we are seeing them experience it first hand. This has enhanced Julie’s role (Simon’s wife) and her relationship with Simon is much more developed.

-The set is now expressionistic with no off stage area. A table and some chairs are all the performers have. How will this affect a production that was previously (2013 Chapter production) naturalistic?

- The final scene! I am so glad this has been included but no spoilers so you’ll have to come and see for yourselves! 

Comment by Laura Fay Thomas on October 1, 2015 at 15:32

October has began, which means only one thing . . .

2 weeks until TEAM Performance Party in Wrexham!

Come and join us . . .

Undegun, Regent Street, Wrexham, LL11 1SG

15th October 2015 7:00pm 

The TEAM Performance Party is a chance for existing and new TEAM members to get together and enjoy a night of performance, discussion, live music, great food and drink and much more. This is your chance to share what YOU want from TEAM & NTW in your area and find out how YOU can get involved. 

For more info join our TEAM Performance Party event page

Comment by Catherine Paskell on September 30, 2015 at 21:42

Hello TEAM!

We're looking for writers to join our gang!

Dirty Protest is hitting the road with our new show Parallel Lines and we want YOU to come along for the ride!

Dirty Protest are taking advantage of our upcoming road trip around Wales to introduce ourselves, meet the wealth of writers dotted all over the country and to celebrate the diverse and exciting theatre voices we have here.

We strive to create exciting new work and new writing by collaborating with established AND wannabe writers.

Since 2007 Dirty Protest Theatre have produced numerous sell-out new play nights and have worked with over a hundred writers and we’re hungry and eager to work with more!

If you're a writer, or someone who has never written a play before, you can participate in our FREE upcoming workshops happening in 4 venues across North, South and West Wales. Then have your play performed professionally.

You'll develop a new script with our Crack Team of professional DP writer, director and actors. Then you'll have your play performed in your local venue that same evening by our lovely, hunky, talented, team.


Take a look at this blog here to find which venue is near you and the dates we'll be in town. Then email us to join in!

We are looking forward to working with you.

Catherine and all at DP x 


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