hello small but perfectly formed producers' group.

my head is obsessing about evaluation models at the moment. how do you evaluate your projects, how do you "tell the story" of what you do? what do you measure? our work at NTW is so diverse, and has impact in such unusual ways for theatre projects, that a lot of the models out there don't quite fit. i'm really keen to develop models that we can roll out, if they work. 

i'd welcome and look forward to any thoughts 

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When working on a project, it is vitally important to continually evaluate and monitor it to ensure that you are staying on track and on budget. This can be very time consuming and difficult if you do not have the proper training.

Evaluating a project is collecting and analyzing data to determine whether the objectives have been achieved. It measures the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of the project. Monitoring the project provides information that an evaluator can use to aid in decisions about improving, continuing, or discontinuing a project. It includes tracking various aspects of the project.


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