Are you sitting comfortably?...then I'll begin. 

What makes up a good story? Some say never spoil a good story with the truth. I love it when the exaggeration gremlins get into a story.

My Great Grandfather (always seems proper to call him Great Grandfather as opposed to Grandad, as I never met him, anyway...) told some good stories apparently. Like for example, the time his motorcycle ran out of fuel and he had just enough in his lighter to pour in the tank and get him home. Or the time he was following a log lorry and had to leap of his bike and back on to dodge a rogue log.  

He owned the local paper shop, these have been retold to me by non family members.

I wonder how stories of the past can connect us today. Imagine just one photograph as a starting point, perhaps a group of people or an event, then finding someone who knows someone in the photograph or something about the scene. Then asking that person for one link - a next step to someone else to tell us a story - it could be about the same event as the initial photo or any photo of their choice which has links to Rhayader and district.


It's one idea anyway.


Al :) 

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That's one impressive bike!  Photography is a really interesting way of story telling, especially when you look at documentary photography. When a single moment can say so much more than just that less than a second moment it's incredible. But what I find interesting is how people can interpret the story of a photo completely differently! 

These stories told by your family Alan are great! We could maybe start exploring how stories change depending on who says it?

I saw a show while in the Netherlands, which was story telling told through these little maquettes. They had a couple of different locations on stage made through little models (like doll houses!), and them a small camera which would move from these different locations and would project onto a screen on stage. The camera would show the story through the eyes of a little girl- it was beautiful!  Seeing the story on the screen through one person's point of view, but also being able to see on stage how they were creating these scenes really played on merging a child's way of making up stories, but for adults. 

Hotel Modern

Thanks Henry - I like the title 'Photo Elicitation'. I wonder if there is such a thing as photo therapy too because when I have a flick through say Facebook pics - I can't help but smile at some of the madness :)

By the way: shouldn't you invite Mike Pearson to Rhayader for a good evening of storytelling in one of the pubs?

Indeed - sounds like a great job for Kate Samuel :)

Al, the same could apply to a video as well as to a photo.  When you watch the Rhayader Mayfair 1927 film it is rich with cameo moments that still have echoes in life today in Rhayader


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