Greetings All

The cupboard is bare.   Much of  that lovely technical equipment; ipods, cameras, microphones etc....that we use for our shows, R and Ds, Assembly, WalesLab and that we lend to people for their own projects has left the building for lots of really good reasons, but has not returned yet.  I am sure that they have got lost on the way back, but we miss them terribly and would like them to come home.

Please look in your drawers, your garages, under your beds and see if there is anything there which really should be here, and reunite it with its friends, repopulate the shelves, return NTW's technical cupboard to its former glory.

Technical Equipment Amnesty:   all kit returned by Christmas will be rewarded with a mince pie, all kit returned by mid Jan will be rewarded with a warm smile.    

This is quite a serious problem and we really need everything returned as soon as possible, if you cannot get in just give us a call and I am sure that we can sort something out.

Bracing ourselves for the rush. 

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Thank you Dave,

you're welcome


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