I spoke to a young British man the other day who was born and raised in Wales and who's children are born and raised in Cardiff ' who said to me I'm having sleepless nights lately as I'm worried about what will happen to my children if we get thrown out of this Country after the election.

I also spoke to group of young British Muslim men who told me that they believed that the Muslim Community in Europe will soon be wiped out just like the Jewish Community of Hitler Germany in the 1940's. this are just two examples but in every Community and class in Britain today there are issues in which they are much concerned about and hope to see it improved.

Now my question is.

a) can we ever believe our party leaders when they say they will do this and that about any issues ?  

 B) Is there something/anything that we as one people can do about this things and how?


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Isnt it incredible that people should feel this way, in 2015. I remember before 9/11 'Yardies' were the biggest threat to Britain, but "Yardies' were soon forgotten. Personally, I think a lot of anti-muslim talk that we hear is to deflect the public outrage that there should be regarding UK/USA/The West destabilisation and destruction of the middle east in order to extract oil and resources. Also there is the oldest trick in the book of Divide and Conquer, muslim against atheist against christian against poor against left-wind against right-wing against..... whilst the rich and powerful become richer and more powerful. But this is something we are aware of, its just the rich and powerful are very good it what they do :)

In answer to your questions, I think that a) this narrative will continue to play out until it is no longer of value or there is a massive shift in social consciousness

b) this is something I ask myself regularly and although the Big Democracy developed out of many sources my main driver developing the project is my attempt, as an artist, to make a small difference. My favourite saying is 'A river starts with a raindrop' so maybe its a start.

your absolutely right its the oldest trick in book that's been played out and why not its working for them for now.

secondly your bigger then a rain drop right now mate your almost pouring cats and dogs ha ha.

one of my favourite saying is a Journey of million miles starts with one step.

after one step it isn't a million no more


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