Hi Lovely Playgroup-ers!

   I want the process of developing this project to be as inclusive as possible... so I'll be asking lots of questions of you over the next few weeks..

I'll start with.. which evening of the week would you like to hold our sessions?

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

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Hi James,   Thursday evening is best for myself.  Looking forward to it.  Cheers Elaine

Saturdays are good for me!

Tuesdays please!

Any day you like. Just let me know so that I can work around it. ;)

Fridays best for me. I'm definitely unable to do Tues / Thurs. Tuesday is Off Centre (the millenium centre community theatre company session) night (&shermans i believe) so be great if didn't clash. :)

Hi - can't do Tues (visit Elizabeth) or Fri (music practices) probably Saturday best since transport tricky for me on Sundays.



Sunday would probably be best for me, but any night will do as long as I know far enough in advance to schedule work shifts around it!

Ta x

Oh no! I'm rehearsing all those days solid it depends on the time!

Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday best for me. Thanks :)

Hi folks,

   Thank you for all your comments, I've tried to please as many people as possible, including the WMC  and gone for a Thursday evening, 6.30-8.30 pm.

   I hope everyone will be able to make it, sorry to anyone it disappoints!


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