Hi I was wondering how the design community would feel about putting some info on the site about themselves. This could include specific skills, upcoming projects and if they might require additional freelancers ?
Or possible training opportunities / not for profit /community type shows where people make make contacts or gain skills without being paid a fee ?
Let me know your thoughts

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this should be a priority for this site, hopefully work will be passed on between us
and we should promote and advise each other as a community of design practitioners.

as well as notifying each other of any potential parties!!!!
Love this idea, and im not sure if you know but the Sherman Theatre has an emerging artists programme, which although isn't paid or anything it is a chance to show your work in a professional theatre setting and get support while doing it.
It can be for any type of area, but if you have a particular idea that you want to try out and explore it might be a way of getting in touch with other emerging artists that could put it into action.
Would anyone be interested in actually meeting up to talk about any of this stuff? I'm thinking of things like design issues, work experience opportunities, courses, training opportunities, and any other things people want to talk about. For myself, I'm interested in how set design can be less environmentally damaging, as well as how sets/props/furniture can be passed on and reused, and would like to hear people's ideas about this. It might also be an opportunity to develop ideas for projects like the Sherman's emeging artists scheme. Anyone up for this?
in the theme of being less environmentally damaging there is a company called scenery salvage that recycles old sets so will collect your set at the end of a run (you pay a small collection fee) and all the set is put into recycling and ant really good pieces of set that can be reused as a whole is then sold onto companies so you can buy recycled flats etc cheaper than getting then know and be happy in the knowledge that you are saving a few trees (and some penny's on your budget)


This is a great idea, i'd love to meet up and discuss ideas and meet other local creatives. 


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