It can be a lonely place at times.

It can also be incredibly inspiring.

Thoughts, Ideas, Issues, Notions and a Discussion about why Newport is (or isn't) relevant to arts and culture in Wales.

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Hi Justin! Hope it isn't too late to comment! I think its vital to include Newport in as many arts projects as possible and highlight its importance, because all of Newports heritage and cultural meaning is being taken away bit by bit, quite literally when it comes to matters such as the chartist mural. I think we need to keep talking about Newport to keep its art alive. I think Newport is beautiful, and that was highlighted when I came and saw the Mr&Mrs Clarke project in John Frost Square last year, which was awesome. Look at the architecture on the forgotten high street, the unseen tram line underneath (I've been told about this and I'm hoping it's true and it's really there!) buy i think the real beauty is the people. We have a real mixture of personalities, situations and backgrounds but one thing they have in common is that they trudging on through Newport life, despite the recession, bad decisions from the council and the general grey cloud that sits over it :) the people of Newport are troopers and should be celebrated!

Oo I do love Newport! Please keep us up to date with your projects Tin Shed!


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