How do we get more work written /directed/ produced by women to be produced both regionally & nationally ?
Networking/ workshops or what?
It's lonely out here ...
Gill Brightmore

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Hi Gill - Merry Christmas! Don't feel lonely, my company Velvet Ensemble are committed to working with women to develop and produce work which focuses on telling women's stories. Please join our group, check out our website, follow us on Twitter and get involved! Would love to hear about what you're doing and/or would like to be doing!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
I studied in Scotland for three years and there is a great theatre company based in Edinburgh called Stellar Quines who promote the work of women in all areas of theatre. They do some very interesting work, including lots of development and rehearsed readings of new plays either by female playwrights or with fascinating female characters etc. I was involved in one of these 'Rehearsal Rooms' last year and it was a great experience. They are definately worth checking out and maybe getting in touch with.

Alice x
Hi Alice,

Interesting! I am always interested in hearing about other theatre companies with a similar ethos to ours!




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