WalesLab Projects 2012-13

Lady Gogo Goch, Samantha Fox/ Kindle Theatre

November 2012, St Fagins, Llandysul, Blaenafon & Camarthen

Lady Gogo Goch will explore the fire, wildness and beauty of the welsh voice. Sam from Kindle will work with Portuguese musician Ricardo Rocha to unpick why Wales is known as 'the land of song' and why the welsh are renowned internationally for having such MASSIVE voices.

Kindle Theatre is a female-led company based in Birmingham. Projects range from large-scale banquets to sweaty rock gigs; often include innovative food, audience engagement and live music. “Wildly imaginative…one of the best emerging companies in the country” The Guardian Online


Lost. Found. Stolen, Tracy Harris

Rosslyn (Wales)  & Cove Park (Scotland), November 2012

A raw and honest direct one woman show of self discovery exploring what it means to be 'lost, found and stolen.' Combining performance, live art, installation, text and documentary. The piece will explore the small and significant things from losing my tiny tears doll at the age of 5 to bigger more identifiable themes such as; lost loves, new found friends and stolen moments. Oh and there'll be some songs on a Casio keyboard.

Tracy is a Performance Artist, Writer and Assistant Tv Producer
Her writing credits include 'past away (Script Cymru). Spring forward, fall back (Menagerie theatre) The Exquisite Corpse (WMC, Edinburgh, Southwark playhouse) The cloak room (Sherman Cymru, Mighty Theatre Washington DC) No Vacancies (Sherman Cymru, Spinning Head Films) For Tv; Recently assistant produced Bafta uk nominated; My Big Day and hard hitting documentary; Swansea Living on the Street ( BBC wales)

The Hidden City, Mark Williams & Kevin Moss
A green screen studio, Cardiff, January 2013

A writer and digital creator explore technology as an integral element of theatrical storytelling for a family audience. We want to bring a concept based on fantasy and folklore to life, using mobile devices and Augmented Reality, where stories told in a real world environment are enhanced by technology.

Mark Williams (writer)
Mark has written two nationally touring adaptations for The Birmingham Stage Company (‘Horrible Histories’ and ‘Horrible Science’). He’s currently under commission to Theatr Iolo for ‘Here Be Monsters’ (touring Wales summer 2013) and to the Courtyard Theatre Hereford, for a new main stage adaptation.

Kevin Moss (digital creator)
Kevin’s worked with Playstation and Channel 4. His recent ‘Shadow Runner’ Augmented Reality commission allowed people to race against the fastest man alive. Kevin’s sci-fi / digital game series ‘The Drake Equation’ is being developed for US TV. Other digital projects include ‘Everwake’ (with PlayArk) and ‘NightVision’.


Under the Hooves of Horses, Wendy Hubbard / Someone Else 
Caernarfon, June 2013

Under the Hooves Of Horses is about women, horses, the preciousness of the vote, and the beauty of anger.
One hundred years on from Emily Davison’s death, a team of women start work to put an extraordinary moment at the Epsom Derby at the centre of a show capturing the energy of the suffragettes.

Raised in Caernarfon, Wendy is a theatre director, dramaturg, and researcher. Current work includes Interregnum, a new performance about revolution and the glamour of power with Gemma Brockis (Shunt). Recent directing includes Chris Goode’s God/Head (Oval House, 2012) and The Adventures of Wound-Man and Shirley (National tour 2012).

Someone Else is the company name for the collaboration between Marie Blunck, Lucy Ellinson, Wendy Hubbard and Yael Shavit.

Daniel Balla, Keepers of The Way

A journey to West Wales

Keepers of the Way is a theatre project which explores some the amazing characters Daniel has met, stories he's heard, and experiences of travelling through Wales.  The aim is to bring them to life and share them with a wider community - bringing into focus the reality of rural life and travel.

It is a piece about people, interaction and movement; It's about choosing to interact.  As a theatre-maker, he wants to challenge people's perceptions of our country, and make them fall in love with it again so they are compelled to travel, end up lost or without a lift, only to be rescued by their faith in others.

Daniel Balla is a theatre-maker, activist and educator.  He uses performance and play to break down barriers between people and environment.

He was brought up ‘beyond the crags of the warriors’ in an area known as Hiraethog - 'the hidden heart of North Wales'.  His roots in the natural landscape and wilderness manifest clearly in his work - inspiring his love for wildplay, myth and wilderness.


Wibidi, A Wibidi Musical (working title)

Butetown, April 2013

Wibidi Will spend two weeks doing research & development on a multimedia musical about the history of amatuer boxing in South Wales.


Geneya Parris,  Ashley Parris & Tom Veasey , SEEN but not HEARD

Cardiff, June 2013

Seen but not Heard is a silent theatrical journey, exploring events that shocked Cardiff and the UK. It explores the path of three young men who were wrongly convicted of a murder they did not commit, in one of the UK's most notorious miscarriages of justice.

Geneya, Ashley & Tom will work with a choreographer & three performers to start to explore the way they tell this personal story.


Our Mothers were Sisters, Wella Corria, Laila Mohamed Mason & Louise Osborn
Butetown, April 2013

So, you’ve heard of Tiger Bay? Maybe the romantic myths or the damning stories?

Born and bred here, we have lived the celebrated diversity - we understand the difference between Bay and Docks. It has run through our blood for seven generations – when our forefathers first landed on these shores.

There’s some that would never believe that we are related - different colours, different religions and ethnic ‘types’ - but our feisty, funny, beautiful Mothers were sisters and in the docks, historically, this mix of ethnicity and culture has united us and made Tiger Bay the unique place that it was. We passionately want to share our stories – especially now, when new misunderstandings are arising, not previously experienced.

Wella, Laila & Louise will work together for a week to beging to explore their stories and how to share those with the audience.

Last Words, Anthony Brito

Butetown, April 2013

'Last Words' is a production performance bringing the memories and views of the very elderly of Butetown Tiger Bay to the public stage. Anthony will spend two weeks interviewing elder residents of Butetown and developing ideas for his new play.

Aftaag Legacy, Said Dualeh & Mohammed Dualeh 

various locations, April 2013

Aftaag Legacy is a documentary exploring the life of Said & Mohammed's grandfather, a man referred to as been the founding father of Somali politics in Wales.

Said & Mohammed wills spend a week researching  and recording interviews in Cardiff and London.

Has it Come to this, Brent Morgan

Swansea, April 2013

Set in a futuristic Britain where individual buildings have been declared as independent nations. The audience arrive at their new home where they meet the existing citizens and discover how things work, but not all is as sunny as it first seems and there are important decisions to be made.

I have worked with a variety of companies such as Give It A Name, Volcano, Peer GrouP and SlingShot Effect. I generally work in none traditional spaces creating theatrical experiences. Previous projects have included the audience throwing powder paint around the place, having a slow dance on a busy city centre street, making/throwing water bombs as well as having a night on the toilet tiles.

Athinos, Lunos & Linos (and other people I have been),Llinos Mai

West Wales & Cardiff, May & June 2013

1) Marry Jason Donovan

2) Tame my curly hair

3) Be in Starlight Express

4) Learn to rollerskate...

Only four of the many things mentioned in the 'Life Plan' that my 11 year old self set out for me. All things that are surprisingly yet to happen. Using elements of stand up, storytelling, song and film I'm going to create and develop ideas for my first solo comedy show. The piece will look at the nature of unfulfilled ambitions and the differences between my actual life and my fantasy life.

Llinos Mai is an actor and writer. She studied at RWCMD where she won the Principals award for Music. Her most recent work as an actor includes A Midsummer Night's Dream (Torch Theatre/Mappa Mundi), The Harri-Parris: The Leaving Do (Mai oh Mai Productions), and Tidli Prom (WMC). Later this year she will play Elfi in Theatr Iolo's Here Be Monsters.

Llinos has worked as a writer for Sherman Cymru Creative Learning, WMC, Sherman Cymru Swingers project and Cwmni 3D. She wrote and produced her own show The Harri-Parris: The Leaving Do two years ago which toured around Wales and played at last year's Edinburgh Festival. (**** Three Weeks, **** Broadway Baby). She is currently developing ideas for a sequel.

Radio Romance: 1.4, Kelly Jones

Cardiff, Dagenham & CB radio, May 2013

The piece Radio Romance: 1.4 for copy  is based on the story of how my parents met on a CB radio in the early 80s. Using a series of recordings I have collected I will create a verbatim script where the audience can listen in and be a part of this love story told through the fusion of radio waves and live immersive performance.

Kelly will spend a week with a multi-paltform deirector and performers exploring the material.

I am a writer and performer based in Cardiff originally from Dagenham. I studied my BA in Theatre and performance at Swansea Met Uni and since graduating have been developing my writing and performance career. Last year I ventured over to Norway to perform with Greenland Friteater at the PIT festival and took my first one woman show 'Dating George Orwell' to the Edinburgh fringe festival. I love the kind of theatre that compels me to interact and that explores a stage beyond buildings. I also collect books ...

Shit I’m Single, Anna Poole & Dorothea Lodwick

Neath, May & July 2013

Shit I’m Single is a playful theatrical project which will document the journeys of Writer Dorothea Lodwick and director Anna Poole’s search for love in Neath. After discovering Neath has one of the highest concentrations of single people online in Wales Anna and Dorothea are about to explore the current world of dating and then set up their own performative company to see if they can do it better. There will be performative dating events, which will not only bring people together but play with form, audience participation and one on one performances. You may find one of them sat in the middle of town at a dining table with a violinist after just being stood up, would you join a stranger for a romantic meal for two? After their journey through Neath they aim to devise an honest, creative response to this crazy world of single life that they are about to embark on.

Anna Poole

I am a theatre director and have had new writing work put on in various pubs, clubs and tea houses around Cardiff. Last year I experienced the crazy world of Edinburgh after directing Kelly Jones’ one woman show Dating George Orwell. I am now excited to explore multi media platforms within my work and different ways of engaging with audiences. 

Dorothea Lodwick

Hi I'm Thea and I'm going to be writing the piece. As nerdy as it sounds I love the research aspect of writing so I'm really excited for this project! I enjoy site specific and generic work and creating something relevant to its venue.

The Walking Trust

Anywhere, May, June & July 2013

The Walking Trust will be an enabling system for shared walks and sharing walks of life. A project that simultaneously encourages you to explore your immediate surroundings and facilitates connections with people and places far away. Download a script. Choose a role as seer or narrator. Follow the script: walk. Walk alone or with somebody else. Somebody in a different part of town or on the other side of the world. Document your experience. Upload your walk to share it with others.

The Walking Trust is being developed by Alison Neighbour, Bambo Soyinka, Ben Gwalchmai, and Ira Brand. Their collaboration primarily takes place remotely, using online communication tools to work across cities. 

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Now the Hero opens next week in Swansea, & we can’t wait. Be part of this incredible theatrical experience that will take you through Celtic History, the First World War & today’s conflicts, from 25 - 29 Sept. Book Now 

Now the Hero opens next week in Swansea, & we can’t wait. Be part of this incredible theatrical experience that will take you through Celtic History, the First World War & today’s conflicts, from 25 - 29 Sept. Book Now 

Mae Now the Hero yn agor wythnos nesaf yn Abertawe a fedrwn ni ddim aros. Dewch i fod yn rhan o’r profiad theatrig rhyfeddol hwn a fydd yn eich cludo trwy’r Hanes Celtaidd, y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf a gwrthdro ein hoes ni. 25 - 29 Medi. Archebwch le nawr 

Mae Now the Hero yn agor wythnos nesaf yn Abertawe a fedrwn ni ddim aros. Dewch i fod yn rhan o’r profiad theatrig rhyfeddol hwn a fydd yn eich cludo trwy’r Hanes Celtaidd, y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf a gwrthdro ein hoes ni. 25 - 29 Medi. Archebwch le nawr 

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