A group can't flourish can it if cancelled at last moment -Thurs. 11/08 - no notice given?This doesn't say much for the organisation behind it or confidence in the arrangements in my opinion.


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Hi Gillian

We did give people notice, it seems that unfortunately you were the only person who did not receive the message- I do apologize personally for that.  This event required participants to register & audience members to indicate attendance via online platforms.  On this occasion we were not emailing individuals, this is due to not having collated a mail out list for this event.  On the previous Word 4 Word only contact details for the people selected for the workshop were collected.

Now you are on the community it will be easier for you to receive messages and give us your input into the next event.

Once again apologies for the confusion, Hope you can attend the next event & help to make it a success.

All the best

Abdul Shayek

I would like to point out that I was not, " the only person" not to receive a message.At least three people went to venue on Thursday including Dee Geraghty .Also Jill Berrett, Amanda Rackstraw ,Betty Lane who all performed last W4W with Amanda & Mab Jones having attended the workshop session were not informed so that's at least six people isn't it?

In addition Mab who was actually asked to publicise the event were not informed that it had been cancelled which seems rather strange and so she emailed out that it was taking place.

All these people - women - were on the mail out list collected after the initial Word4Word. I hope this lack of communicate over a 'word' event does not indicate what is to come.

I would be glad of your comments.

Best wishes, Gill Brightmore

Hi Gillian

I do apologise once again for confusion on this occasion, it was in no way intentional & is something which will not occur again.  I guess moving forward it would be great to establish a list of people who are interested & I will be in touch with Mab in order to generate the list and have people register interest pre show.

Thank you for your comments and also highlighting this issue, we will take all you have said on board for future planning of all events including Word 4 Word.


All the best Abdul Shayek  


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