'The Youth Arts Network' wants  to hold a meeting in November to discuss what the next stage of this network  should be.

For all of those who haven't  yet engaged with 'Youth Arts  Network <http://community.nationaltheatrewales.org/group/youth-arts> ', we are currently an informal group of practitioners working with  in the Youth Arts sector in various guises as freelancers or with  organisations.  Since it's inception following the visit of 'Massive <http://massivecompany.co.nz/> ' from New Zealand in  October 2011, we have been meeting and discussing various ideas and potential  ways this network could be beneficial for the development of the Youth Arts  sector in Wales.

Many things have been  discussed and there have been practical outcomes such as a 'Skills Sharing  day' at the Sherman in early March.  There was also a great conversation  that emerged around a possible Youth Arts festival and what this may look like  in Wales.  Since then Arts Council Wales had engaged in a similar  conversation around a Youth Arts festival at the .  There has been some  consultation with young people about Youth Arts festivals and also some young  people attended the skills sharing at the Sherman.  However in order to  move forward some big questions around what this Network should be have arisen  and therefore a regroup with as many people present feels like a good next  step.    

Should it stay as a informal  network?  Should we formalise the network so that we can access  funds which in turn could provide support for further skills sharing and  development  workshops, consultation events and anything else we as a  group would like to engage with.

A conversation feels necessary  and needed at this stage.  A day together will help us realise where we  should head with this network and how best as a network it can support all who  work within the Youth Arts sector.

The date for this meeting has  been set for the 27th November 2012 and the place currently is being discussed  as potentially the Sherman or WMC all dependant on who has space to  accommodate the day.  We were also hoping that as part of the day rather  then having boring sandwiches for lunch we could all bring in some food -  cooked or bought to share with the group.

The main aims/ questions for  the day:

Should the network stay as it  is?

What are the aims of this  network?

How can it broaden it's reach  and engagement with the whole of Wales?

What should a Youth Arts  Festival look like?

How as consortium of people  and organisations can we access funds and opportunities that can benefit the  sector as whole?

When should we have another  skills sharing day?  

What should a consultation  with young people look and feel like?

Come along and voice your  thoughts and opinions on Tuesday 27th November 2012, 11am - 5pm Sherman or WMC  (TBC).

Please email

Abdul Shayek - abdulshayek@nationaltheatrewales.org

Guy O'Donnell  - Guy.ODonnell@bridgend.gov.uk

To confirm your attendance.   If there are issues around attending the day please feel free to provide  your thoughts before hand and we are happy to include them during the  conversation on the day.

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My name is Lisa Harris and I run Blaenau Gwent Youth Theatre as well as working within a variety of youth arts organisations/projects as a freelance practitioner. This forum sounds a fantastic idea and I would love to get involved. Unfortunately I cannot attend on the 27th Nov as I am already running workshops that day. I will keep an eye out for further information about the days events and hopefully join you on the next meeting. Looking forward to hearing the thoughts and ideas that come from the day!




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