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Hello! Welcome to National Theatre Wales community.

Welcome to the National Theatre Wales Community. Now you’ve signed up, here are a few ideas to get you started.


Perfect your Profile

Your profile is the place people will come to find out more about you so it’s a good idea to have as much information as possible on there. You may well find that your profile comes quite high in search results for your name so it’s not just community members who can use this to find out more about you. Click here to change your Profile Settings. 

We’ve created an example profile to give you an idea of best practice but yours can be as personal as you like. Here are our suggestions for optimising your profile:

  • Use your real name. This will help people find you through the search facility.
  • Use the profile questions to tell people what you do, what you want to do, any specialisms, what you’re working on at the moment and anything else that will help them understand you and your work.
  • Include your location so people can see if you’re nearby.
  • Add a profile picture. Make sure it’s actually a picture of you so we can recognize you if we meet you!


Backstage Admin

There are lots of ways to customize your experience of the community and make it work for you. 

  • Link to Twitter: in your profile settings you can authorize the community to interact with your Twitter account so when you add an update, blog post or comment this will be tweeted to your followers.
  • Change your email settings: you can choose to receive update emails, and set which posts or comments you are notified about via email.
  • Modify your privacy settings to suit your personal preferences.


Your Blog: Debate, Create, Share

Underneath your profile information you will find your blog. You can post here to share stories, updates and start discussions or debates. Blog posts can also include other content like photos or video.

For advice about how to write a great blog, see our top tips here, or just click here to write a new blog post.


Making Friends

Visit the Members Page to view all community members. You may find people you already know, or members who are interested in similar things to you.

You can leave a message for any community member on their profile page, so why not introduce yourself to anyone you’d like to network with. To add someone as a friend, just click the link on their profile page. If you are Friends with someone, you can send them direct (private) messages.

You can also invite other people to join the community. Go to the Invite Page and send out invitations via your webmail, address book or Ning account.


Events: The What’s On Guide for Theatre in Wales

The What’s On section is the go-to place to find out what’s on in theatre and the arts in Wales right now. Events happening today will appear in the box at the top of the homepage and all forthcoming events on the What’s On Page.

You can add your own events to let other community members know about productions or events they may be interested in attending.

Just a note about long-term events…

As the What’s On box on the homepage automatically shows the day’s upcoming events, posting an event which runs for longer than a few days will mean any daily events are pushed off the front page.

If your event is a tour with multiple venues, please create a separate event for each date/venue. (You can do this by creating the first one and then selecting ‘copy event’ from the menu at the top).

If you are running a course or event which runs for a long time but isn’t on every day, it’s best to write a blog post introducing the course or inviting applications, and then set up a group for participants to share their journey.


Groups: Focused Networking at the Heart of your Community

Groups are the place to find people with similar interests to you, and are a great way to share industry news and get networking. Groups have their own comment walls and discussion forums – they’re a bit like rooms within the community. 

National Theatre Wales run a selection of groups for different aspects of the profession so join one or more of these if you’d like to meet other professionals or find out more about working with National Theatre Wales:






National Theatre Wales TEAM

Arts Marketing & Media Creatives

There are also plenty of others with a range of different interests. You can see the full list here.

A group can be a great way to share updates from your company or organisation. Other community members can join the group and stay updated with your news. Anyone can create a group. To create yours, click here. Like your Community membership, the group will need to be approved by an administrator but we’ll do that as fast as possible and you can get sharing!


Any Questions?

Members of the National Theatre Wales staff team are on the community almost all of the time and are always happy to answer any questions.

You can also try our FAQ section, which includes plenty of tips and quick fixes for common problems. 

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