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What I do:
I am an international writer
A little more about me:
I am 38 years old divorced with a boy kid 4 years old. I live with my family in a modest beach house to Evia island, Greece.
Although I had learning difficulties (split attention- anxiety) as a kid I managed to finish basic Greek literacy. (13 years).
I attended classes such as painting, music, song, appearance, computer science, English - Spanish language, psychomotor, theater- puppet theater, Pottery, writing, journalism, ecclesiastical research ,first aids, general medical research, existentialism, experimental theater and Still....
I attended practical training to kids dentistry and adults endodontics and research to higher education.
I' ve got a practical work in areas such as cleanliness, needlecraft, tourism, entertainment, education.
I' ve read and still, classic authors of world literary scene.
I love philosophy, mysticism, existentialism, naturalism, etc.
I speak Greek, English.
I read and write in seven more languages, which i am on....still studying.
I 've traveled to few places in Greece, Europe, Africa, Asia.
Hobbies: Cycling, swimming, cinema, reading.
I am writing future film scripts and New age experimental theater works.
Right Now I am unemployed

Thank you Lia Lee Katris
Projects I’m working on:
Behind the Mirror
Personal Website/CV:
Twitter @username:
Lia Lee Katris

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Gun Girl

Gun  girl

Actors or Singers 

Helena.   25- 30

Kindness  35

Love        35

Future      50

Gun girl is standing alone keeping a gun in her right hand and one bullet in her left hand. 

Helena-   How lonely I feel

Like Desert

My loneliness is getting bitter and bitter

You left me father !

You left me !

I was not able to keep you

You left me mother !

You left me !

I was not able to take care of  you

Now I am standing here on my own a prisoner

Oh You relentless weapon !!

Oh You! Forgotten bullet !!!

Oh You !  My dear, my Honest loneliness

The girl arms the gun with the unique bullet,  in one of the fifth empty cases.


How am I suppose to live ? 

Feels like Am not

Me or these ??

My days are black

My  nights are bitter

Erinnyes always in front of me.

Always here

I can not stand it anymore

I can  not

I feel the cold

(Broken voice) my heart is hurting me

Helena Lifts the gun, Helena marks her head, _she is triggering the trigger.  

The first blank

Helena - Oh God...Im so luckless even at last.

Something  thunders behind.  Helena moves to look

Helena - Who is there?

Oh my God...What is it ? Is it a dream? Is it a fairy? Is it a ghost?? It is like a beautiful woman, like Snow white

Helena - Who are you? Are you here for me? Are you here for my soul?

Ghost  - Hello. My name is kindness. I see you. I know you. What are you about  to do Helena? Why??

Helena - Please leave me.

Kindness - No way !!

Helena- You should

Kindness -but  I know you....I see you.

Helena-. Who send you here?

Kindness - I'm yours Helena. I am your own…


Posted on February 27, 2018 at 19:29

LOVED TWICE...... epilogue


I never leave Him

Oh my dear ...
My only fear is that Death is not enough to make Sun Sunny.

Oh Lord !! You are the Lord !

Do what it is
Sun' s eyes shine

Maredin cries like a lion above Sun' s moon body.

Oh You.....
my Love .....
Forgive my love

Beloved Sun !!
Beloved Lord !!
Your voice hit
Your mind shines.
Bird songs come out your sunny heart.

Mother Earth:
Oh it is the truth !!
It is a hard work from a slave to be free.

Moon, dark Angels, Stars, Death, wind, lilies, Maredin', crowd:
Condolences !!

The end
Thank you....Lia Lee Katris

Posted on September 12, 2017 at 20:35

LOVED. TWICE ...17....18


Death :
Grab Him now.

Kill Him now.

Dark Angels- Now ?

Death, Moon : Yes.

With wickedness and atrocities dark Angels grab Him.
Dark Angels lie Sun down on Earth.
Dark Angels put Sun' s clothes out.
Dark Angels keep Sun' s arms and legs stretched out.
With mountain whips hit Him agrily.

My Son Sun... I appreciate your culture and kindness.
Isn' t it a pity, losing yourself for that stubbornness?
A step before your death.
Take care of your life even now... this last hour
Maredin please say something

Moon :
Yes Maredin. Unchain Him.
Marry King.

Say Yes to Moon kid and save Sun' s life

Maredin: is mine.
Never betray Sun

Posted on September 11, 2017 at 20:22

LOVED TWICE 15....16


My kid, Maredin'
What is going on ?

Father here is the thief !!

Is it a child' s room?
Or is it Gehenna ?
Who are you?

Dark Angels :
Death is our father.
Death is our Master
as loyal as his heart...
as honest as his beautifulness...
as handsome as his spirit ...
Oh you Saint !!
Oh you Lord !!
Oh you God !!
Oh you Creator !!
Give us Glory God

Death :
My kid.... Maredin, what is that ?

I' m sorry Father
He is my Sun.

What ?
What do you need?

Maredin is my polychromy
Maredin is my aroma
Maredin is my Spring
Maredin is my Sea

Is he out of mind ?

Moon :
Yes obviously

Posted on September 11, 2017 at 0:21

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